First Alert Fireproof Boxes and Safes

Fireproof boxes and safes are an investment that should be considered by everyone for home and office peace of mind. In this tech savvy world that we now live in, it is an alarming fact that we still have much of our important and irreplaceable documentation in the form of paper. Paper which when combined with fire does not stand a chance. The following is a review of the First Alert fireproof box and safe range to mitigate against this.

First Alert is one of the most trusted brands of fireproof boxes on the market. Their range is made from layers of fire retardant material between two layers of thick steel. They don’t require a whole lot of space and with a wide range of models available there is an option to suit pretty much any purpose.

A First Alert fire proof box typically comes with a 5 year warranty and will be replaced if it gets damaged in a fire, even if it is not at fault and the contents are not damaged. Most offer protection from all three major hazards; fire, flood and theft. Statistics show that over a 30 year mortgage, a home faces a 96% chance of burglary, 26% chance of flood and a 9% chance of fire.

With such alarming figures you would be crazy not to take steps to protect your most valuable and irreplaceable material assets. Certainly, going with a fireproof waterproof safe will give you the best protection. Fire and water damage are pretty much interlinked.

First Alert Fireproof BoxThe First Alert fire safe box range varies in price depending on the size and individual fire protection level. This level is also known as a UL rating. UL is the acronym for Underwriters Laboratories which is an unbiased company that tests individual fireproof boxes and safes under various conditions and awards them one of 3 ratings classes.

These ratings are based on the level of heat and intensity of the fire the unit can withstand in which the contents will remain safe. They are also designed to protect the contents from damage from smoke and water damage which is inevitable with a fire. A fireproof box with one of these ratings can withstand heat as high as 2000 degrees for an A rating and 1700 degrees for a C rating. They also cover varying lengths of time in these temperatures.

If you considered just how much you would lose if by some terrible tragedy your home or business was to be destroyed by fire the answer will probably really alarm you. The same can be said for things like photos, certificates and other irreplaceable mementoes that may mean absolutely nothing to anyone else, but they mean everything to you.

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