Fisher Price Baby Monitor Reviews


A baby monitor is an important purchase for any new mother. These days, there are a variety of options available when it comes to monitors, but certainly one of the more trusted brands for baby products is Fisher Price. The following will briefly describe several Fisher Price baby monitor options for you to consider.

Fisher-Price Long Distance Baby Monitor

One of the cheapest Fisher Price baby monitors is the Fisher-Price Long Distance Baby Monitor. If a person is interested in getting this monitor with dual receivers, however, he or she should expect to pay considerably more.

Fisher Price Baby Monitor

Fisher-Price Long Distance Baby Monitor

This product has a 900MHz transmission, which can reach up to 800 feet. It has four different channels, which helps to prevent static. It also has a built-in night-light, and it was designed with portability in mind. This monitor has received good customer reviews, many stating that it is a good value and has a clear transmission. One possible down side, however, is that this product does not use batteries and it must be plugged into an outlet to be recharged.

Fisher-Price 49MHz Sounds N’ Lights Monitor

Another product worth consideration when searching for Fisher Price monitors is the Sounds N’ Lights Monitor. This product is slightly more expensive than the one mentioned above, especially when purchasing the model with dual receivers. The monitor features flexible antennas for a larger range, a power indicator light, and two channels to help reduce interference. This product can use either AC power or three AA batteries. LED lights tell a mother when her baby is crying, even when the volume is turned down. The unit comes with a one-year limited warranty. Some customers have reported having a problem with static, while others have had little or no difficulty with this issue.

Fisher-Price Musical Digital Color Video Baby Monitor with Remote Control

At the upper price range, there is the Fisher-Price Musical Video Baby Monitor with Remote Control. This product is 2.4GHz and features remote activation of music that is designed to soothe the baby. It also features a color LCD screen, a night vision camera, and remote night-light activation. The unit requires rechargeable batteries. Some customers have complained about the product’s short battery life, which can usually range between one to two hours. Other customers reported poor video quality.

Fisher-Price Take Along Cam Video Monitor

The Fisher-Price Take Along Monitor is cheaper than the video monitor mentioned above, but it is still more expensive than a sound-only monitor. It features a 2.4 inch LCD screen, a color display, and rechargeable batteries. The device can also use AC power. The monitor is portable and can be set up just about anywhere the baby is sleeping, and does not necessarily have to be mounted on a wall or ceiling like some other video monitors. It warns the user when battery power is getting low or when the device is out of range. Some customers complained that the out-of-range alert went off even when the hand-held unit was still near by. Most customers, though, thought that the product had a nice, clear video display.

Fisher-Price 2.4GHz Ultimate Range Monitor

A standard monitor (without video) with a median price is the Fisher-Price Ultimate Range Monitor. It has a range up to 1500 feet and claims to have “state of the art clarity.” It has lights to show when the baby cries, a power indicator, and two different channels. Some customers have complained that the device receives interference from other wireless devices in the home, and others have been disappointed with the clarity. Other customers gave the device favorable reviews for its range.

The monitor that has some of the highest customer satisfactory ratings for the price is the first product mentioned in this article, the Fisher-Price Long Distance Baby Monitor. Many happy customers have given it good reviews, with only the occasional complaint. It seems to be a product with a clear transmission and a good range, and it also has a very affordable price.

When considering the purchase of a Fisher Price baby monitor, a consumer would be wise to refer to Fisher Price baby monitor reviews, especially those reviews that come from people who have actually purchased and used these devices. Looking through product descriptions can be helpful, but it might also be misleading because these descriptions are written by the manufacturer and tend to glorify the product without revealing any of its faults.

There are many different baby monitors available, and it can be hard to sort through them all. Fisher Price offers lower priced products, and higher priced ones that include video and other helpful features. However, the most expensive products are not always the best, and different products come with their own unique set of problems and attributes.

Before purchasing anything, a person would do well to consider the features that are most important to them, and then look for a product that seems to have those features. Time and research often pay off when it comes to shopping for the right monitor. Baby monitors can be expensive, so care should be taken to make the best decision beforehand.

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