The Best Floor Safes For Sale

The use of a floor safe has become a common way to safeguard your assets within your home. With home burglaries on a rise topping non-violent crime throughout the nation, more and more proactive consumers are taking steps to keep their valuables safe. If you are in the market for home floor safes, it is essential to research the features of each safe first to ensure that you are not investing in a model that can be easily tampered with. Browse various safes online along with consumer reviews to find the most trusted brands and the highest quality units. By choosing between in our view the top 5 floor safes on the market as listed below, you will give yourself the peace of mind you desire when you leave your home.

AMSEC Star Safes

Star in-floor safes are highly regarded for quality engineering which offers advanced security features in both residential and commercial environments. Their Round Lift Out Door In Floor Safe has been a standard addition to gas stations, retail establishments, and residential properties for over 50 years. With a number of different body styles and door options, this is a versatile floor safe that can be installed directly into concrete surfaces for maximum theft and fire protection. The high security “c” rate door is resistant to almost any form of manipulation and lock protected. The rectangular-shaped steel body has a high cubic inch capacity perfect for protecting cash, documents and small valuables such as jewelry.

Floor SafesThe Hayman Safe Company

Hayman, another trusted name in the home security industry, offers its own line of high quality floor safes at an affordable price. With a wide variety of safes geared for either your home or your business, Hayman has extensive experience producing safes that will meet anyone’s needs. From their safe line up comes the FS Poly series under floor safe constructed of Hayman’s patented Poly material. The molded polyethylene is backed up by hardened steel reinforcement, which will protect against pretty much any drill attack. With a re-locking device feature, the locking mechanism will provide double the protection when being tampered with. With a spacious design, storage shelves, a filing system, and even a false floor, this is one of the premier choices in floor safes.

The AMSEC Brute Range

Also by AMSEC, Brute is yet another recognizable name in the safe arena, offering a great range of unique and economical floor safes for the home. Each safe in the Brute series of floor safes will provide secure storage for anything from jewelry and metals, to documents and cash. With the 3M Lexan escutcheon plate to cover the surface of the door entirely, and 3/4-inch steel plated frame, this B+ rated safe has strong counter measures against attack from both burglars and fire threats. With an additional spring loaded device which activates during potential threats and effectively relocks the safe, even seasoned burglars will give up attempting to open this intelligent piece of equipment. Coming in sizes ranging from their larger Super Brute to their smaller Mini Brute, there is something for every homeowner here.

The Major Safe Company

Major is a producer of a number of different safes including in floor applications as well as the gun safe and the wall safe. If you are looking for a small floor safe on a budget, consider investing in Major. Their round floor applications have random opening positions for maximum defense, protecting from drill attacks. With a dial that is drive resistant, burglars going the sledgehammer route will pound to no avail. The clear opening door constructed with 1 inch of “c” rated steel has a re-locking mechanism in the event of forced entry. With a tubular design, this unit is perfect for storing items out of sight in small compact places at an affordable price for budget-conscious consumers.

Eclipse Industries

The last manufacturer to make the list is Eclipse. Eclipse Industries has been producing and distributing safes for over 25 years and offers a variety of different burglar deterrent safes that are patented to meet high levels of security. While Eclipse has a variety of different safe models and styles, the floor safe has become a popular choice due to their effective protection against both fire and theft.

The Eclipse B-lift B-1900 home floor safe features high quality heavy-duty construction, and comes in four different sizes to meet the needs of almost all users. With a flush cover plate, this can be completely concealed when installed under carpet and in a concrete slab. With a one piece drive resistant door jam, attackers will have no luck when trying to break their way. With not one, but two r-locking devices you can rest assured your belongings are safe.

In Conclusion

Homeowners must take proactive steps to keep their valuables safe by all means but just what is the best floor safe? With the increasing rate of burglaries and home robberies, search the market for the best safes that will provide both theft and fire protection, but consider these suggestions as a good starting point.

While many things can be replaced, we all have irreplaceable items that should be protected from intruders as well as natural disaster. Make sure you make an educated investment when checking out floor safe for sale and protect yourself and your family.

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