Friedland Alarms: Product Guide

Friedland alarms have been a dependable and trusted source of wireless security systems in Europe and the United Kingdom for many years. Their products offer easy installation and simple operation with technological enhancements that have made significant improvements in function and provide more secure radio frequencies than many standard wireless systems currently utilize. Friedland offers a number of different security alarms and alarm systems, from the very basic to the more complex, offering consumers a great deal of flexibility and options for use.

Friedland wireless alarm systems are offered in three different categories, each containing a range of products with more or less extensive features and components to suit differing situations. All of the various alarm models feature such conveniences as low power indicators and antitampering facilities. They use solar powered sirens that reduce the frequent need to change batteries, as they utilize the sun’s rays to keep the batteries charged, and also offer the ability to operate without sunlight for 25 days. Friedland touts its products as having improved range between the control panel and the accessory devices, which allows for more flexibility when it comes to their placement.

The higher end systems operate on a more secure frequency that is less susceptible to interference from outside devices and offer higher antenna output with stronger transmissions for improved product performance. They also offer enhanced and easy functionality for multiple users, enabling households with a large number of members to enjoy simple personal operational access. Each of the different categories of systems offer options allowing them to be purchased as a kit or as separate component parts that can be customized to create an individual system.

Friedland AlarmsThe standard alarm systems feature devices compatible with the 433 MHz frequencies that are the industry standard, and operate at a range of 60 meters and cover eight zones. The kits generally include one or two each of components such as a siren, control panel, a magnetic contact unit for a door or window, a PIR (or passive infrared) motion detector and a remote control device. Separate additional PIRs, contact units and sirens can be added to supplement the kits, so it is easy to customize a system to the features of a specific home. The range of different kits is designed to accommodate different sizes of homes. The accessory options include a dummy siren that looks exactly like the functional one to provide a greater deterrent for would-be burglars.

The SA Wireless Friedland alarm tier offers a choice between LED and LCD control panels each offering the user a multitude of different features, as well as kits and accessories for basic, medium and advanced functions. The LED control panel has all of the standard features, plus the facility for setting delayed or instant alarm zones and warnings for entering and exiting. It offers internal and external sirens, programmable user codes and alarm duration settings. The more advanced LCD control panel has even more features for such things as voice memos, code settings for six users and a master user, latch key settings for children, remote access from telephone lines and a phone dialer. The ten-zone panel allows for six wireless zones and four wired zones, and has the ability to omit certain zones from the alarm configurations. It also offers exit and entry delays that can be programmed independently for different doors.

The third category of Friedland wireless alarms is their premium line of alarm systems. The premium models offer one of the most secure alarm system frequencies available, operating at 868 MHz, which provides one million unique user codes as opposed to the only 250 offered by the lower 433 MHz standard frequency. This reduces outside interference and the possibilities of hacking and signal jamming. It also provides a very large signal range of 125 meters. The premium Friedland burglar alarms offer enhanced control panel functions as well as the top of the line accessories that provide the superior functionality of the premium system, including a remote control with a panic button to immediately alert the authorities in case of an emergency.

There are several kits available, designed to fit small, medium and large homes. There is also a kit with the added capability of telecommunication convenience, which provides telephone alerts to up to four different phone numbers in the event the system should be activated. The smart accessory devices in the premium line are self-learning, making installation and set up easy and fast. Each kit includes an installation DVD with detailed instructions to get the system up and running quickly and easily.

Friedland alarms are available in a wide variety of systems and configurations that are suitable for a great many users. Friedland’s long history of excellent customer service and quality, and competitively priced merchandise has instilled a high degree of trust in their customers. The simplicity of operation and the advanced service their systems provide are keeping them at the top of the list of security product manufacturers.

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