Secure Garage Doors

It’s not at all unusual to find homes where the security on the front door makes Fort Knox look lame, the windows are all bolted down and… the garage door lock comprises a simple latch in a regular door panel that, let’s be honest, even the householder could probably force open without much effort. This article looks at the benefits of installing secure garage doors that at the very least don’t offer an open invitation to thieves.

There are two main reasons why failing to properly secure garage doors undermines whatever other security measures might be in place.

Firstly, garages are rarely empty – they usually contain any number of items that a thief might want to steal (vehicles, tools, even the frozen food in an auxiliary freezer) and if it gets stolen you’ll have all the trouble and expense of reporting it to the police and your insurer, filling out claims and replacing your former possessions.

Secondly, if your garage is integral to the house it provides a great opportunity for a burglar to gain entry via the adjoining door. Even if it is separate, a garage still provides good cover for anyone attempting to break in (and frequently also a useful stock of tools and a power source).

Now you might argue that your internal doors are perfectly secure, but the point is that once someone has gained access to the garage they can go about their business with little chance of being spotted and any inner adjoining door is nowhere near as well protected as if it was exposed to external scrutiny.

Secure Garage DoorsThe solution of course is pretty simple; pay as much attention to securing your garage as you do your house. Make sure that the garage doors act as a primary line of defence and not simply a minor inconvenience to anyone intent on getting into your garage.

How much effort you put into securing access to your garage depends of course on what you keep in there and how much it might compromise the security of the main house. The simplest option is to fit a secondary deadlock. This is likely to deter most casual would be intruders looking for easy pickings.

But if, for example, you have a gun safe in the garage or have other reasons to defend against a determined attack then you should consider installing high security garage doors in place of regular garage door panels. These are tested to withstand a sustained major assault for twenty minutes or more, by which time either help would have arrived or the assailants given up.

So next time you review your home security arrangements, don’t forget to look at your garage doors the way a thief does – as an easy way in.

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