Garage On Lockdown

You have locked all the doors in the house and think you are safe for the night, but did you consider the garage?  There are multiple points of access to your home, and generally we consider the windows and doors to the house, but often forget the garage.  Remember to keep your home safe and do a little additional work to make your garage as safe as the rest of your home.

Locks on Doors: Install the appropriate locks to the various doors in your garage. Make sure back doors are locked up and make sure the garage is closed completely.  Where applicable, place additional locks and deadbolts.

Consider installing alarms for your garage doors; those simple alarms can alert you to garage doors being pried open.  This is good for making sure there are not young children coming and going through the garage and drive way.  This is safer for your family especially with these large moving cars.

Tidy and Clean Up: In the garage, we store a lot of equipment and tools, make sure to keep that picked up and out of reach.  Remember if you have young children to keep things out of their reach.  Install cabinet doors with latches to keep little kids out of chemicals or power drills.  You want your garage to be a safe place for your home.

Consider Point Of Entry: If you have kids coming and going, they would be best to enter the house through the front or side doors.  The garage is not a safe place for kids; however, if they are coming home from school, it can be safest to provide them with the garage door panel keypad for entry.  Remind them that this password is secret, but it is a lot less likely to be lost like a key.  This can provide additional safety to your home, and save you on changing the locks.

Fire Safety in the Garage: With all the tools, toxic chemicals, and cords we use in the garage we should also install the garage with fire protection devices.  Have a fire extinguisher handy and be prepared and trained to use it.  Remember and review fire safety rules, depending on the type of fire.  Depending on the work you do in the garage, you may even want to consider installation of overhead fire sprinklers.  This is a great additional, value, and piece of mind for your home.

Working Garage Door: Your garage door is like any other part of the garage, your take your car in for at least yearly maintenance.  Make sure all the moving parts, wires, and cables are in good working order.  If you aren’t really sure, call an expert like,  A+ Garage Door in Utah.  They will come help you service, grease, or repair any moving part.


Remember to be safe in your garage, and review this with your children at home.  Don’t allow children to play in the garage, remind them to be safe in the driveway as well!  Be prepared and lock up those doors.  If you take care of your garage, your garage will be safe for you.

By Lacie Christensen

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