Get the Gear, Get the Girls

Do you refuse to recognize that spy movies are creations of Hollywood to give you the false idea that invincibility is possible? Have you taken a test to determine your true spy identity? Do you own ten or more spy movies that you watch at least twice a year? Maybe you aren’t obsessed with spy movies but enjoy television shows depicting the spy life or own hoards of really expensive spy gear that you’ve been collecting for years.


On top of that, you’ve been known to take excessive amounts of visits the International Spy Museum, the CIA and FBI headquarters and spend a little too much time browsing the internet looking for ways to “beat the system.”  Your parents thought you’d grow out of this phase, but you sure showed them.  In fact, they are some of your most unsuspecting spying victims, because after all you aren’t a creeper, but you do need the practice in case your country calls on you. Every moment of practice you can get in is important.


The Last Weapon in your Arsenal

You’ve got all the gear, from night vision goggles, to a recording pen and even a gun (in case of emergencies).  However, your current gun case is a little less than awesome.  It isn’t hard to break the lock, steal the key or even break through the glass that is keeping it secure.   You’ve decided you’d like to upgrade to the latest gear in order to ensure that you get the girls, just like James Bond.

The biometric or fingerprint gun safe tops the list of the latest and greatest in spy gear.  This case takes and reads your fingerprint so that only you can access your gun.  Of course, if you plan on getting into any kind of criminal trouble, you may want to stick to something which takes a little less identification.  However, if you are in the spy business to get women, impress your boss or to get a position in one of the top spy agencies, a biometric gun safe may be able to get you one step closer to your dream.

If you are willing to shell out a little extra money, there are upgrades to a wall safe or a safe that holds both your gun and additional important spy gear that you don’t want others to be able to access.   So, go ahead, get your spy on. By Heidi Rothert


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