Getting rid of pests inside your car

A car can suffer from a number of problems, but the last thing anyone expects a car to be vulnerable to is an insect infestation. However, just like a house, your car is also susceptible to playing host to pests. The most common variety of insects that inhabit a vehicle is bedbugs and ants. More than just an inconvenience, an insect infestation inside a car can be downright dangerous. A car may not be very big, but there are still a number of hard-to-reach places that insects can inhabit. If not taken care of immediately, the pest problem can quickly become very serious. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get rid of insects from your car:

-    The first step is to always identify the type of insect that you dealing with. We’re not talking about detailed taxonomy of the insects, but being able to tell ants from bed bugs should be good enough. The steps required to clean the car will depend upon the type of insect that has infested it.

-    Bedbugs are tricky little customers since you cannot spot them right away with the naked eye. Most people do not even realize that there is a bedbug infestation until the situation gets out of hand. Listen for the driver or passengers complaining about getting bit by ‘something’ while in the car. Repeated complaints of that type should be enough to tip you off about a bedbug problem.

-    Bedbugs can make their home within anything that is fabric. They entangle themselves amongst the fibres and this makes it very hard to get rid of them. The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to give the fabric a thorough wash. Remove the car seats covers and floor carpets from the vehicle. Most fabric car seat covers can easily be washed in a washing machine. For the fabric floor carpets, fill a bucket with water and dunk the carpets inside. Wear latex gloves and scrub the carpets thoroughly. Leave the covers and carpets to dry in direct sunlight.

-    Ants are considerably easier to get rid of; all you need is a vacuum cleaner. Ants only invade a car when there is a food source available. Locate and remove the offending piece of food or drink from the vehicle. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and lift away any ants that you can lay eyes on. Once the source of food is removed, the other remaining ants will go merrily on their way out of your car.

-    Just like your house, the same rule of pest control also applies to your car: prevention is better than cure.

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