GSM Alarm System Product Guide

A GSM alarm system is a security system that uses mobile GMS communication technology networks to control security components, settings and features to keep owner’s homes, vehicles or office buildings safe and secure from would-be intruders and vandals. With GSM remote alarm monitoring, control and alarm features, users will have a highly automated communications system that monitors and collects data on remote and inaccessible entry and exit points linked to receiving equipment for constant monitoring by an individual or computer system.

By monitoring this data, an intelligent GSM home alarm system can advise users of hazardous situations and threatening occurrences that can become costly. With the proper monitoring alarm, owners can take preventative measures and monitor their homes and vehicles from off site locations for peace of mind. There are a number of GSM alarm systems for any type of application on the market; review the large range of products online to find a system that works best for you and your needs.

GSM Home Alarm Systems

GSM home alarms must offer multiple zone protection and two way communication features. With wireless monitoring, motion sensors that are activated by not only motion but also opening windows, glass breakage, strobe light censoring, infrared photoelectric beam fence monitoring and light and siren components, your home will be protected to the highest possible level.

The S100 manufactured by King Pigeon is labelled as the top safety and protection solution in the world. With features that include wireless monitoring on a GSM mobile communications network, homeowners, office officials and whoever is authorized can be notified by SMS messaging or calling alerts in the event an alarm is tripped. With intelligent technology, this home alarm supports two-way voice communication with individuals on and off property. Users can answer incoming calls through the control panel and can even dial out with the GSM auto dial alarm system features.

GSM Alarm SystemWatchdog, an intelligent alarm monitoring software feature, will allow users to preset specific times in individual zones so that the alarm will not be triggered if expected events occur on a frequent basis. This is a useful tool for residents caring for the elderly and children as well as care staff. With a plethora of programming functions and features, more than can possibly be mentioned here, this GSM intelligent alarm system is perhaps one of the most feature-rich products available on the market today. Perfect for residential and smaller commercial applications, you will feel safe and secure with the option to be notified when alarms sound no matter where you are.

GSM Car Alarm Systems

The GSM car alarm system units offer the highest level of security for automobiles. While many vehicle owners may feel that their vehicles are safe and sound in a garage or protected valet parking lot, the truth of the matter is that if a seasoned vandal or a thief wants to gain access to your vehicle bad enough they will find a way. With a GSM system, you can stay informed on the safety of your vehicle; whether your vehicle is under any possible threat.

Review the market for auto vehicle alarms constructed with GSM technologies and cellular notification and communication features. A variety of different alarms are available with strictly local sounding alarms that will make a noise and reporting technologies that will not only notify you as the owner but also a central monitoring station or police department. While reporting alarms are more effective, local alarm only devices are the most cost-effective solutions.

Additional Features

The top end of the market GSM alarms have even more advanced features including built-in cameras that will take pictures of an intruder, vandal or thief at the time of tampering and will send you a SMS directly to your mobile phone. With this picture, you can identify the vandal, provide it as evidence to police and your insurance company, and hopefully prevent further damage if you are near your vehicle. These systems also have features that will allow the owner to request a picture at any time of day any day of the year.

The GSM alarm system has become the preferred choice for homeowners and vehicle owners who take pride in their hard-earned belongings and want to take every measure possible to assure they are protected. While the sounding alarm, motion sensors and various other monitoring devices may not actually prevent theft all together, it can lessen the severity of a potential intruder by scaring the individual off before they have access to your valuables and assets. It is unfortunate that a majority of people work all of their lives just for their valued possessions to be taken right from under them. Do not be one of these poor individuals and make sure your home, your car or your office building is secure every day of the year and every hour of the day. Browse products online for the best range and to access the most competitive pricing.

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    I do recommend a wireless alarm system, easy to move, easy to configure, no cables/wires. Another thing about all kind of security and burglar alarm system. The system have to alert someone. A security company or a cheap solution is that the alarm system send you a sms message when an incident happens.

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