Gun Cabinet Plans

Gun cabinets are a popular furniture piece among gun owners. Not only are they attractive pieces to display within the home, they are also extremely practical; facilitating the safe and tidy storage of guns, rifles and pistols in one unified and organized place. Although there are a great many types of pre-made cabinets available for purchase, they are not the only options for individuals or families considering the acquisition of a gun cabinet. It is quite popular for handy individuals to fabricate their own pieces, through the use of a gun cabinet plan. The following article will discuss some of the gun cabinet plans, as well as gun accessory woodworking plans, available on today’s market. It will provide advice on what to look for when searching for the right plan, and will also discuss alternative gun storage gun cabinets for sale methods.

Gun cabinet plans come in multiple forms. Some are highly detailed, right down to the type of wood and color of stain that should be used. Others allow the woodworker a bit more creative license, by providing the basic outline but leaving room for interpretation. Other plans still come in the form of kits, where the materials, either in their raw form or pre-cut, are included in the price of the plan, eliminating the need to shop for individual components before getting started. The best plan for your project will necessarily depend upon your level of experience and confidence with woodworking. It will also depend upon the specifications you have in mind for your new piece of furniture.

The Specifics of your Gun Cabinet Project

The first vital step to finding the right plan is determining what your specific storage needs are. Addressing this broad question will allow you to narrow your search and to focus only on those plans that meet your specifications. To begin, make note of the answers to the following questions: How many guns will I need to store? Where will I be placing my gun cabinet? Is it going to be featured as a furniture piece, or will it be more utilitarian in nature? What kind of features would I like my cabinet to include? Features you may wish to look for in a plan include, but are not limited to, drawers, shelves, a gun rack, glass fronts, and locks.

Remember, the more features you wish for your cabinet to include, the more complex the plan will be. If you are relatively new to woodworking, you may wish to start with a simpler plan, to hone your skills before investing time and money into a more detailed project. Similarly, new woodworkers may wish to choose a plan that specifies what type of wood to use, or that comes with a kit containing every component necessary to complete the project.

Acquiring Your Gun Cabinet Plan

There are many ways to go about finding the perfect plan for your project. It is possible to find plans online, as well as at most hardware and woodworking shops. If you are prepared to spend money on the initial plan, then you will have literally hundreds of options to choose from, but it is even possible to find the perfect free gun cabinet plan. In fact, hardware stores will sometimes offer free plans, with the goal of promoting the sale of specific products within said stores. Regardless of where you acquire your plan, be sure that it is comprehensive and that, provided the instructions are followed accurately, the final product will have integrity. Some elements of a good set of instructions include the following: One or more labeled diagrams; a materials list that includes dimensions of every piece; instructions for how to create patterns and how to cut the pieces; and procedures for sanding, assembly, and finishing.

Gun Cabinet Plans

Gun Cabinet Plans

One final, but very important aspect of any gun container is its locking mechanism. Although laws concerning gun storage safety vary from region to region, having a locking container is highly advisable for the responsible storage of firearms. Considering responsible storage ensures that your weapons will not fall into the hands of reckless or inexperienced individuals. Consider the addition of a heavy-duty lock to your cabinet, or even constructing a cabinet designed to house a gun safe.

Gun Cabinets or Gun Safes?

Although housings for gun safes can be made in a private wood shop, the safes themselves are not a project that can be executed by just anyone. They are far more specific in their function, and as a result, often cost considerably more to purchase. The good news is that it is still possible to find gun safes for sale that feature attractive designs, and that are appropriate for use as furniture pieces. Safes can also serve to house multiple types of valuable or sensitive belongings. A gun safe may also contain important documents, valuable jewelry, or any other items that would benefit from fortified storage within your home.

If you are serious about the secure storage of your firearms, but are concerned about the prices of safes, you may wish to consider looking at used gun safes. When investigating used gun safes for sale, it is important to measure them in terms of safety standards. Some helpful information to acquire includes the age of the safe, the details of its locking mechanism, its additional features (such as whether it is fire-lined, and what types of reinforcing braces are built into the structure), and whether it is still under warranty.

Whether you choose to construct a traditional gun cabinet with a reliable locking method or a cabinet that houses a safe for your firearms and other valuables, gun cabinet plans offer so many opportunities to be handy and creative. By constructing your own cabinet, you will be adding a personal touch to your den, cottage, workshop, or even living room, in which you can take pride, and that you can show off to visitors. The addition of a gun cabinet is not only a personal and attractive touch to any room; it is also an ideal organizational tool, which allows you to store all of your firearms and accessories in one organized location within the home.

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