Gun Cabinets For Sale

The best gun cabinets have several features in common. While providing some security for the owner’s hunting firearms or antique guns collection, many cabinets are also designed to withstand fire and serious burglary attempts. The ideal gun cabinet provides a level of security and but may also add a handsome touch to the room it is placed in.

Made by Amish Craftsmen

The Amish are well-known for meticulous carpentry skills, and it is no surprise there are several handsome gun cabinets available from many of their craftsmen. One Amish woodworking company constructs every wood gun cabinet from American forested hardwoods, and each unit is custom built. Doors are often designed with raised panels and traditional brass hardware and locking mechanisms. Details can include matching interior and exterior finish, and crown molding to complete the classic design.

These are heirloom quality pieces of furniture, and customers can expect to pay thousands depending on the size of the cabinet. Smaller models hold six long barreled rifles and the largest up to sixteen. One larger unit in particular is constructed from walnut and features beveled viewing glass, fully finished back, sides, and interior, and adjustable shelves.

As with many high end firearms storage manufacturers, the top end models come complete with interior lighting, and padded spaces to rest the guns against. While these cabinets have a substantial weight, as much as 175-250 pounds, it is not necessarily enough to deter a burglary attempt. Bolting the cabinet to the ground will make it more difficult to steal.

Gun CabinetsNon-Traditional Gun Cabinets For Sale

You might want to check out Stack On gun cabinets for sale, another popular choice. This brand provides light, space-saving storage for rifles and firearms, holding up to ten long barreled rifles. Measuring only 53” tall and 17” wide, their smallest model is unobtrusive and at only 63 pounds, is easily relocated when necessary. The Stack-On is a low cost alternative with well thought out features such as padded gun barrel and butt rests, a key coded three point lock, and removable shelves.

In the higher end of the Stack-On gun cabinets line the company combines security and attractive storage solutions. Steel security cabinets will store 12 or more shotguns behind the safety of a door with a welded piano hinge and three point lock mechanism. Unlike wooden gun cabinets, the bottom of this Stack-On is much stronger, completely flat and pre-drilled, making it easy to bolt to the floor. Guns can be stored in the door or interior space, which is equipped with pre-drilled holes for pistol mounting. This is a tougher version of a wooden storage unit, painted with baked-on epoxy for better aesthetic appeal.

There are options for all types of gun cabinets for sale with differing storage requirements, including a waterproof unit complete with a four point locking system for additional security. Waterproof safes offer additional protection from natural or man-made disasters, and as with any gun storage unit, should be bolted to the floor. A fireproof box if it is large enough or a safe is alternative to make sure your guns and ammunition are fully protected in the event of fire. You will need to check the fire ratings carefully though and seek advice as to what kind of temperatures the internal areas will reach and what the safe levels for weapons storage is.

Do-it Yourself Kits

A library of gun cabinet plans is available for free download or purchase. A majority focus on traditional designs such as those available from Amish Woodworking, so for a unit with cleaner, modern lines or specific style details, narrow the search with the exact features desired. Alternatively, do-it-yourself cabinet plans are sold in book stores and offer a variety of choices.

Substitutions can be made for a plan calling for a specific type of wood, but read the reasoning behind this choice before making a switch. For example, cherry wood might be used because it is appropriate to the time period of the piece. Oak is often used because it is relatively inexpensive while being durable and distinctive.

The final product will be superior if the instructions for the unit are followed, proper tools are utilized, and changes are minimized. Having said this, schematics are available to suit every taste. From classic cabinets with viewing glass set into the doors and shop-built molding, to wall-mounted units offering open access and handsome display of the owner’s firearms.

Second Hand Gun Cabinets

This is always a viable option too. Second hand gun cabinets will function in many cases just as well as new. They are typically well made and meant to pass the test of time so providing the locking mechanism is operational and can be reset, they is no reason to not look at this as an affordable solution.


Whether you are hunting down shotgun cabinets for sale, or a smaller unit for pistols, it is very much down to personal preference of course. For casual display without security concerns, a wall-mounted rack is space-saving and can be simple and rugged, or ornately carved. This storage system works well for a hunting cabin and can be duplicated throughout the structure.

Important qualities for an heirloom cabinet displaying antiques or collectibles are superior craftsmanship, a locking system, and construction with fine materials. The perfect example is an Amish Woodworking model, made with top-grade hardwoods, detailed joinery, and a custom finish. Custom designs are available as well, allowing the client to request unique details and finishes.

The best gun display cases will last for generations, but if the budget does not permit spending thousands on a handcrafted model, consider spending a few hundred to keep these valuables safe. It is better to have a plain locking storage unit than nothing at all. For total security, consider a water and fireproof gun safe as an alternative.

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