Gun Safes For Sale

The top brands of gun safes for sale include many companies with similar reputations for making excellent products. Browning, Honeywell, Liberty and Cannon are just a handful of popular gun safe manufacturers with a complete line of gun safes for sale for every budget. Choosing new or used safes or gun cabinets requires careful research and consideration of what each product offers for the gun owner’s specific needs.

Before buying one of the top brands, consider the amount of water and fireproofing necessary, the placement of the hinges and whether it will have a digital, biometric or traditional dial lock. When the budget allows, buy a cabinet with enough space for future purchases or acquisitions. For protection against rust purchase a unit with a temperature controlled interior; and make sure it is well-lit for easy access anytime. If you are keen on something with the aesthetics of a beautiful gun cabinet but want more security, check out some of the designs of Browning gun safes for sale in particular.


According to national statistics, almost 400,000 residential fires occur in the United States every year. With this statistic in mind, investing extra for a fireproof safe is a smart move. Deciding how much fire protection is a subject worth investigating.

Two types of fireproofing are common. The first is sheet rock with fiberglass embedded throughout the matrix. Sheet rock is effective at absorbing heat, but can crumble to the bottom of the safe. This leaves it vulnerable at the top, where the hottest temperatures develop. In a good safe the sheet rock is placed between the interior and exterior layers of the steel walls and secured to prevent it from crumbling. Ft. Knox is a company who manufactures their safes with this extra measure in mind.

The second common method of fire protection is ceramic wool insulation. While a better insulator than sheet rock, it can be more expensive. The best Browning gun safes for sale add additional layers of insulation with Parusol fireboard. It is made of hydrated sodium silicate, interlaced with glass fibers and coated with epoxy resin. The M28F Medallion series offers four layers of this material through the body and a fifth layer on top.

In a fire, the safe gets hottest at the top. Whenever possible, store firearms low in the safe or gun cabinet. For peace of mind, buy the best fire protection the budget will allow.

Gun Safe Hinges

Firearms cabinets are produced with internal and external hinges. Choosing between these two is the next step in finding the best gun safe for sale. Experts recommend external hinges for better access to the interior and easy door removal for transport. Door removal is often cited as an argument against having hinges exposed, however a good locking mechanism will prevent theft even when a hinge is compromised.

An internal hinge system can limit the degree the door opens, but it creates a ‘hingeless’ look some people prefer. At the least internal hinges are harder to access, leaving a thief fewer options for breaking in. It is worth noting that most commercial grade units feature external hinging systems.

Biometric Gun Safes On Sale

A biometric gun safe is one which allows access by fingerprint. Biometrics are used to identify a unique human imprint, including fingerprints. The advantage to a biometric entry system is the absence of key cards, keys or combinations which can be lost, stolen or manipulated.

In general, a biometric fingerprint gun safe costs a large percentage more than traditional options. One of the top brands is Liberty and their National Security Magnum line. These are not second hand gun safes for sale we are looking at here, but superior products with multiple features for repelling drill or torch entry, as well as having extended fire protection and plush interiors. For an unlimited budget, biometric gun safes offer a unique security option.

Digital vs. Dial Locks

If a biometric entry is unaffordable, there are excellent combination and professional grade electronic locks available. In general, the rotary dial lock is considered more durable. Ensure the lock is UL listed in the Group II category.

Gun Safes For Sale

SentrySafe Security Safe

Avoid anti-theft devices like invisible dials which only make it more difficult for the owner to see. To avoid purchasing a cheap digital lock, choose one which is UL Type I certified and commercial grade.

Best for the Budget

There are many options for gun owners on a limited budget. The first is to look for used gun safes through classified ads or community forums. If the unit works well and is undamaged, the price will be a steep discount over a new model. Before searching for used gun safes for sale consider the wide variety of economical new models. For under $1000, The SentrySafe G-4211 packs in up to 14 guns, has the option of a digital lock and has individual barrel holders for a well-organized interior.

Still giving you the option of a new safe, check out gun safe sales to pick up some amazing discounts. Gun safe sale prices can be up to 50-70% discounted, often linked to a supplier wishing to create some room for a new stock line, or simply to entice customers in in the hope of selling other products at the same time.

No matter which firearms safe is chosen, there are some points to remember. Keep the combination hidden, especially from children. Never buy a model which does not bolt to the floor. Buy a unit with fire protection or plan on installing it. Finally, buy the best security the budget will allow.

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