Gun Safety for Your House

You have purchased a gun or firearm to make you feel a little safer at home.  You know that with troubled times, you need to rely on being prepared.  However, just having a gun stored in your closet or thrown in under the socks in your drawer, is not going to make you any safer.

If you gun or firearm can be found by children, it can be easily obtained by someone breaking into your home. Consider additional safety tips and methods!

  1. Store your gun locked up in a gun safe or lockbox.  You do not need to spend a lot, but ensure that it is a quality box that cannot be easily found or moved.
  2. Store your gun and ammunition separately; this is a basic rule outlined for all gun owners.  Both need to be locked up, but not in the same location.
  3. Never store your gun loaded!  This is for your home’s safety, ensure accidents are less likely to happen by eliminating the possibility for them.  By keeping the gun unloaded, there isn’t the chance for a random shot to be fired when you open your secure box or safe.
  4. When storing your gun, always make sure the lock or safety is in place.  Store it safely, with every piece of the puzzle addressed.

How to Purchase a Gun Safe:

Consider the gun you are buying it for; if you have a small handgun, you don’t need a gun vault.  However, you may want to consider what other things you would like locked up.  Many people use their safe to store expensive jewelry, birth certificates, and other legal documents alongside the safe.

Bolt your safe down and secure its location. You do not want the safe to be easily moved it if was intended for only a small gun. Make sure you have bolted it down, in a safe and unobvious place.  Also ensure that the storage location can provide you quick access.  You don’t want to be racing around the house searching for it when an emergency happens.

Lastly, purchase a gun that can provide you keyless access.  There are so many new developments that provide you a faster access than fumbling around with keys.  Consider purchasing a biometric safe that requires only a fingerprint, or a code with buttons to push.  This will ensure that no matter the situation, you can easily access the contents of the safe.

By Lacie Christensen


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