Home Installations for Safer Bathing

There are many safety features that must be added to a home when someone develops limited mobility. One of the most important rooms in any home to add safety equipment to is the bathroom. It is very easy for someone with limited mobility to slip and hurt themselves either by not raising their leg high enough or simply by losing their balance. The bathtub, especially, can present a very high danger for people with a low range of mobility.

Walk-In Bathtubs

One of the most popular installations for people with limited mobility is to replace their old bathtub with a walk-in bathtub. These have a door in the wall that allows the person to open it and walk in instead of having to climb over the wall of the bathtub, which is the biggest hazard for someone with limited mobility.

The main features of these tubs are a door that opens inward or outward, a bench, and jet water streams. The main difference of the door is how it seals. Most people do prefer the inward opening doors, but nursing homes typically like the outward opening doors to make extra room when the person enters the bathtub. The bench is added to help someone bathe easier without having to sit all the way in the bottom of the tub or to rest while showering. Jet water is normally a great extra for people that experience pain on a regular basis.

There are many places where someone can purchase walk-in bath tubs. They can be found at regular stores that offer bathtub installations; however, they are more commonly found at medical sites and stores.

Roll-In Bathtubs

These bathtubs are not much different than walk-in bathtubs. The main difference is that they cater to people who use wheelchairs to move around. Instead of a door, the side of the bathtub can be flipped down to act as a ramp. The person can then roll into the bath.

The side of the bath can then be closed to keep water inside the bathtub. Sometimes there is a small rim that runs alongside the bath to keep the water in and the ramp stays open. The person can enter the shower by themselves and bathe in freedom.

These tubs can normally be found wherever walk-in baths are found. There are specialty stores that help only people who use wheelchairs, so the person might find better choices at one of these stores.

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