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If you have a large house and have a difficult time keeping track of or communicating with your family members within the house, then a home intercom system may just be the thing for you. You can make your choice based on whether you want a wired or wireless system as well as on what your price range and specification requirements are. Here is a basic guide to buying the perfect system for your needs.

Residential intercom systems either can be wired straight into the wall or can be wireless and thereby mobile. Many of these home intercom systems also have many added features such as audio, video display and the usage of your home telephone as an intercom system. Wireless systems are more popular since they allow mobility for the user. However, if you already have an existing system and wish to upgrade it, then getting a hardwired system may be the ideal choice for you. The installation process in this case would not take long since the original wiring is already present.

If you want to monitor your baby and keep track of the people visiting your home, then maybe a video intercom system would be ideal for you. The price of course is always a major factor and here are some of the more popular systems, which you could choose from, depending on your budget.

CAT5 Whole-House Intercom Hub

This home intercom system is basically for people who would like to have a wide range of functions and would not hesitate to pay a higher price for it. Manufactured by Channel Vision, the CAT5 Whole-House Intercom Hub is a higher end system, 12.5 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width and 8 inches in height. Weighing approximately 5.6 pounds, it provides clear room-to-room communication at the mere press of a button. Its remote or hands-free IR control allows you to answer the intercom without having to move from where you are. The overall system consists of two parts – the P0930 intercom hub and the ST-2000 intercom station.

Additionally you can opt to augment your system by adding more hubs and stations as per your needs and wishes. While the ST-2000 allows connectivity to six rooms with direct call buttons, the station expander allows you to add more buttons to increase your communication space. Also, if you require an intercom system for your front door, then Channel Vision’s other products coupled with ST-C5IDS door strike relay system can control gate opening and closing electronically.

4-Room Wireless Intercom by International Electronics Inc

This wireless home intercom system is slightly lower-priced than the CAT5 hub, but it is only available for 4-room communication. However, like the CAT5, you can expand your communication capacity by adding more intercom units to the main unit as per your needs.

Home Intercom System

International Electronics 4-Room Wireless Intercom System

The biggest advantage of this system is that it does not require a wall A/C power unit or wires to operate. It is completely battery operated and can work non-stop for 12 months on four double A batteries. The transmission range between units is up to 1,000 feet and it also permits digital voice communication both ways.

Additionally, it has a paging function, which allows you to call all stations and speak to a responding station in private. Home intercom system reviews for this product have been favorable overall. In fact people have also recommended it for office spaces. As a residential system however, some people have had complaints with the voice quality and clarity.

InterTalk’s 4-channel 4-Unit Wireless System

This is one of the more popular wireless home intercom systems, even though it is just a 4-unit piece. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that its price is much lower than its aforementioned counterparts are, even though its functions are quite similar. Available in a white box, this 4-channel, 4-unit system receives and transmits FM wavelengths via the building’s power lines.

Like the others, the system can be expanded by adding more intercom units to the main unit, thereby increasing the communication range. The control function panel is completely digital and the unit normally has a one-year factory warranty, for which there is no registration required as long as you have the receipt with you. Home intercom reviews come up extremely favorable with this unit. Users have lauded its sound clarity in a 2,000 square foot house and the fact that it can be wall mounted beautifully. Customers have pointed out though, that common circuits were a little difficult to find during installation and some interference can be expected from the other units in the early days of usage.

Your choice for an intercom system at home is a very personal one and depends on various factors. Keep the specifications and price ranges in mind and do not hesitate to ask other users for helpful comments.

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