Home Security Tips For The Garden

The property in our homes is important to us. Whether we are talking about our gold coins under the bed, or the stabilizing knee braces we need for walking, it’s all ours and all cared about.

As more and more people are looking for ways to protect their homes from crime, internal and external theft deterrents are entering the market. While some costing homeowners thousands of dollars to use, there is a quick, simple and inexpensive way residents can deter would-be burglars: by keeping bushes low. Requiring minimal effort and bi-weekly or monthly maintenance users can trim bushes by windows for added home security to lessen the chances a home invader views your property as a prime target.

In addition to keeping bushes trim, other theft-deterrents can be installed near the trimmed bushes to provide an even greater level of home security. Using solar-powered lights along the hedge’s bottom along with a home security sign and alarm stickers in the window above the bush; flood lights just below the roof will help display your property’s level of protection.

While this equipment may seem a bit overwhelming, it can be easily maintained when you have sheduled in some time for trimming bushes and other garden maintenance. Home Safety Tips Trim Bushes by Windows for Added Home SecurityIn fact, to make it easy, designate a day or two each month for working outdoors and trim bushes by windows for added home security, and while doing it, take the time to service all exterior illumination.

To determine the proper level of shrubbery height, make sure all bushes are trimmed to a low level that is visible to the road. Because angles and elevations can be perceived differently based on where a person is standing, if you are unsure if your hedges have been trimmed low enough walk back to your home’s sidewalk. Since this is the view a would-be burglar will have of your home, if the bushes appear low enough you have performed a satisfactory trim.

Should you be interested in marking this height a piece of mason’s line running from one part of the hedge to the other will serve as a fine guideline. Remember to pull the string tight and place it towards the back of the bushes to make it less visible.

Staying constantly vigilant about home security issues is the best way to stay safe at home.

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