Home Security Installation: DIY Or Use Professional Installers?

In a day and age where over 75 percent of non-violent crimes are related to home burglaries, more and more homeowners are recognizing the importance of a home security system. While there are a number of things to consider including whether to purchase a wired or wireless kit, whether to go with monitored or unmonitored systems and which manufacturer offers the best protection for the lowest out-of-pocket cost, you must also decide how much you are willing to pay for installation.

There is an ongoing debate of whether homeowners should install security systems themselves, or hire a professional to do so. This question cannot be answered blindly. The answer will depend on a number of different factors including your budget, your experience in the installation of anything electrical, and the type of home security system you have invested in. You must weigh all of these factors to determine whether you want to invest time or money into your home security installation efforts.

The Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Home Security System Installation

The obvious benefit to install home security systems on your own time is saving money. Particularly when the economic climate is uncertain but to an extent at all times, it is understood that consumers are trying to save money wherever they can. While homeowners want security protection, they do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money achieving this increased measure of security. With this, newer model security kits are being introduced to the market with handy instructions and user-friendly installation features.

home security installationWhile you can reasonably expect to save up to 50 percent on home security installation costs when you choose to do the project yourself, you must consider other things also. Homeowners taking on the task of installing their own home security system must have skills with tools and electrical equipment. While the box may say practically anyone with a brain can install the system, the truth of the matter is all installation projects require some knowledge on how to use a drill for example and follow instructions. If you lack these skills and are more talented in other aspects in life, you may want to consult a professional.

The Easiest Types of Systems for Home Installation

If you are still set on installing your own home security system, you will need to find a kit that is designed for do-it-yourself installation. More than likely you will be directed to wireless security systems that require less direction and drilling of holes into the walls to run wires. Wireless systems have become increasingly popular to consumers wanting to install systems on their own. Because you are not required to run hard-wires through walls, entry points, windows and other areas of the home, there is a better chance that you will not run into errors that diminish the level of security your system will offer you. Research the easiest systems to install and maintain available on the Internet.

The Benefits of Professional Home Security Installers

While professional installation with understandably cost more out-of-pocket, there are several benefits in relation to hiring a professional contractor with installation experience. One of these benefits is time. If you are a homeowner working at a desk job during the hours of nine to five, it will more than likely take you up to five times longer to install even a basic security system. Professional installers will know exactly what they are doing and can have a project done in a matter of hours rather than days.

Aside from the time benefits, they are also experienced in installing both wired and wireless systems. While wireless systems are advanced, they can also be temperamental. Wired systems, even in this day and age, are seen as more reliable choices and far more affordable to purchase. With a professional installation company you will not limit yourself on the systems you can choose from and you will get the most reliable model regardless of how difficult it can be to install. Another advantage with professional installation is the fact that if something goes wrong, you have a number you can contact for advice or tips for use. While malfunctions do not always occur, there are times in which you will need technical support. If you perform the installation yourself, you have no one to blame or turn to but yourself.

In Conclusion

The choice to install your own security platform can be one that requires a lot of thought and dedication. The whole purpose of purchasing a home security system is to increase the level of security you have in your own home. If you feel confident you can do this on your own and save money in the process, feel free to install the system yourself. If you run into a brick wall you can always call the professionals to finish the job. Research costs and see which is more important: time or money.

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