Home Security Sign: Advertise Your Alarm System

There are many different types of home security signs which have as their main purpose deterring home invasions or crime in a particular locality. They can include signs that tell passers by that the owner of the household is armed, has a dog, or an electronic alarm system for example. There are many more niche notices than these just mentioned, but these are the most popular products on the market.

The average home security sign that one sees most often indicates that an electronic security system is operating. These most often indicate security camera setups and alarm systems. Security companies like ADT include a home security sign with the installation of their systems. It is a home security yard sign that is octagonal and blue, on the face of the sign are the words “Secured by ADT” in bold letters. This can be a good deterrent in some cases, but it can be debated whether or not this will always reduce the risk of home invasion. There are many that claim that these signs can sometimes help the more sophisticated burglars to enter a home.

There are many criminals out there who are familiar with certain home alarm systems, and a security sign can often help them figure out how to enter a home undetected. While many would simply walk away, some burglars like to know exactly what they are up against. A home without a sign is a gamble, there might be a system set up and there might not be. Some signs however will tell a burglar exactly what kind of installation was done on the house, and from there they can figure out how to get in without tripping the alarm; this kind of knowledge is held by a relatively small minority of criminals however.

Home Security SignSince these signs can be revealing, there are a few solutions to this issue that many choose to follow. Many opt not to have a sign in their yard clarifying the specification of their system; instead, they purchase a sign that states that they do have a system but not exactly what kind. These signs simply say things like, “This House is Protected by an Electronic Security System.” Another possible solution to this might be changing the generic alarm system set-up that a company usually uses. A homeowner can hire a security electrician to “creatively” wire their house, so that it is a completely original system that even expert burglars will not be familiar with. This might catch them out as they attempt entry, but will not have the initial deterrent effect of a good sign.

It is also often true that electronic system warnings are put in place on properties where there is no actual electronic security system. This is sometimes the case for security signs that warn about a security camera. Many areas that do not have operational security cameras put these signs in place, such as parks and urban walkways. They are also pared up with what is called a dummy camera, or dummy cameras. A dummy camera is simply a piece of plastic that looks like a camera, sometimes with a small stretch of wire running from it and pushed in to an adjacent wall. However, it has no functioning parts or monitoring ability whatsoever.

There are many security signs that are designed to be clever or funny, often making critics wonder if there purpose is to deter crime or if it is just to make someone chuckle. An example of this is one sign that says, “CAUTION, SNIPER XING,” which obviously plays off of the deer crossing signs. There are other signs like this such as, “Area Patrolled by Boston Terrier Security Co.” with the outline of a Boston Terrier dog on it. Some are more serious, but still try to be clever. A very common sign is, “Forget the Dog, Beware the Owner,” with a picture of a hand holding a gun.

You will also find signs that are custom made for a certain situation. This is because there are many people out there that want to let criminals know of their specific situation, especially where it differs from most. A sign used at a horse stable is a good example of this. It is a sign in black with white lettering, with the words “THESE HORSES ARE FREEZEMARKED BY NORTHERN BRAND AND CAN BE IDENTIFIED BY THE POLICE.” There are also custom made security signs for large companies or businesses such as Disney World, which has custom made signs for their parks because they wanted their security signs to have a unique look and not sound too threatening (whilst still acting as a deterrent of course).

Some of the best places to find good prices and a good selection of these signs are online stores, but they can also be found at garage sales and small stores. Online stores typically have the best prices and they have many different signs to choose from. At places like garage sales and small stores though, very unique signs can be found that others haven’t seen before if this is your preference.

Signs that warn burglars have been around for centuries, and continue to give homeowners a sense of protection. Even if you go down the route of buying fake home security signs, they are a way of displaying simple information to the world, and often to great effect. No one can tell how often they get a burglar to leave, but it without doubt stopped many violent situations and home invasions where used.

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    Security sign, yes it is important as an preventive action against burglars and other uninvited guest.

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