Home Surveillance Systems Do It Yourself


There are many options when it comes to home surveillance systems do it yourself fans can use. Rather than paying exorbitant installation fees, one can find a security system that is easy for the novice to install, operate and manage. There are cameras for indoor and outdoor use as well as hidden surveillance cameras one can use to monitor the home. In order to determine the best system, one can look at the features of a few popular models.

Home Surveillance System Do It Yourself

SVAT CV501-16CH-007 Do-it-Yourself DVR Security System

For instance, Defender’s SN500-4CH-002 DIY home surveillance system has an array of features including smartphone compatibility that lets the user access high quality audio and video footage live from a Smartphone.

Its 500 GB hard drive can hold two years of video, so it is ideal for constant surveillance day and night. In fact, its four cameras’ automatic night vision feature activates the 12 infrared LEDs during low or no light. This brand is one of the higher end systems and has a price to reflect its many features.

SVAT is another high-end brand, particularly its CV501-16CH-007 model. This brand has a few of the same features as those found with the Defender brand model such as Smartphone compatibility, night vision surveillance and H.264 compression.

However, this model has more storage space to accommodate eight years of video at its lowest quality settings.

It also includes eight weatherproof professional grade cameras that can be expanded up to 16 if needed. This particular SVAT model costs slightly more than the abovementioned Defender model.

Those who need hidden camera surveillance for the inside of the home can look at Defender’s STEALTH1 Covert system. This particular system features a built in color pinhole camera that is hidden in a motion sensor.

Furthermore, this system is wireless and can record for up to 45 days with an included SD card. It is also possible to easily search through footage when under review. Of course, this particular system costs less than a full home surveillance system.

There are other home surveillance systems do it yourself installers can consider when looking for a reliable surveillance system that can be set up with relatively little hassle. However, these three come very highly rated and appear to be worth their price tags. One can also consider other features such as live support and customer service in surveillance systems in order to help make a more informed decision on which one is best to suit one’s needs.

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