How to Choose the Best Alarm Monitoring Service

Opening the door and seeing the mess on the floor and the brand-new plasma TV missing from its place of honor creates a huge amount of shock. The family stares in disbelief and then fear; “Are they still in the house?” The small child calls frantically for the family pet which does not come. The family retreats next door to call the police. This is the story of one of the two million burglaries that occur annually. $2000 is the average amount of property stolen. This is small compared to the traumatic experience these people go through; the feeling of being violated, unprotected and the fear the thieves may return. They may; these unscrupulous people know that within 30 or 45 days a TV and other valuables will be replaced with brand new items easy to sell. A home alarm security system may have stopped this; 60% of attempted home robberies are aborted when the thieves encounter an alarm system. It is never too late to protect both the people and the property for the next time. Choosing the best alarm monitoring service, which perfectly complements any alarm system, makes your house even more secure and is only a matter of researching what kind of service each company offers, what is needed and what it costs.

Home alarm monitoring services are a 24 hour a day, seven day a week set of eyes and ears that constantly keep watch on the property. The homeowner chooses the level of protection and programs the control panel. Any violation sends a signal to the monitoring company who immediately calls the telephone numbers provided. If the owner of the system answers, gives the correct password and says everything is okay, the alarm is noted in the file and the incident closed. If the owner does not answer or does not give the all clear, the police are sent to investigate the problem. Security alarm monitoring will usually be complemented by the installation of a very loud siren which immediately alerts the person forcing open the door or window or wandering through the building of a security system. Best of all these professionals provide signs announcing to the world the property is protected by them and monitored around-the-clock. Thieves usually will look for an easier target.

alarm monitoring serviceFirst though, the homeowner needs to look at the building and decide what type of service they want. These systems come with a wired application or a wireless system. The wireless system is faster and easier to install; typically it operates on long-lasting batteries. Most people choose to protect windows and doors including patio doors, doors into garages, openings into basements and attics. Motion detectors for interior rooms and even cameras in strategic locations are common additions. Once a plan has been developed, it is time to call different alarm monitoring services to discuss specific programs.

A burglar alarm monitoring service may include the cost of the equipment in the monitoring contract or may charge for the installation of the equipment. When a person is protecting their property and loved ones, the quality of service and equipment is paramount. Alarm monitoring companies should have a good reputation for prompt response and state-of-the-art equipment. Each company should inspect the property, make suggestions and provide a written quote. Companies may provide the equipment free with the long-term contracts, charge for the equipment and require a shorter term contract or charge for the equipment and offer the monitoring service without a contract. Each company offers a variety of packages and services; the homeowner needs to choose the program that works best for them.

The best time to protect loved ones and property is before this violation of privacy happens. It is never too late keep everyone and everything safe and secure by using the security of an alarm monitoring service. The peace of mind is well worth the small price.

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