How to Ensure Your Guns Are Safe and Secure

The benefits of gun ownership are many, but it brings with it the responsibility of providing safe, secure storage when those guns are not in use. In order to ensure that valuable firearms are protected against fire, flood or theft, and are safely out of reach of children or those who may not be acquainted with their proper use, a responsible gun owner should invest in a gun safe. There are a great number of different styles and sizes of gun safes on the market, many of which are specialized for particular types of firearms.

A good quality gun safe is the only truly reliable way to store firearms in the home. Old style wooden gun cabinets or glass front display cases are inadequate in providing the necessary security for protecting both the firearms and the household’s occupants. Sturdy, locking cases with features that will prevent damage from water and excessive heat can supply the safety assurance and protection an ordinary gun cabinet cannot.

Whether kept as a collection or for active use, security is essential for those who own firearms. Safes are available to accommodate everything from small handguns to extensive collections of rifles, or combinations of a wide variety of firearms and ammunition. There are smaller models, such as a pistol safe, designed for transporting and storing a few handguns, larger models specifically designed for shotguns and hunting rifles and those that are capable of storing several different types of guns and ammunition. Room-sized vaults are also available for extensive collections and can also serve as in-home panic rooms for a household, offering a safe haven to its occupants in the event of an emergency.

The primary concern when shopping for a gun safe should be its security features. A cosmetically attractive gun safe may look nice in the den, but is of little value if the contents are not adequately protected. A rifle safe is not truly safe if the lock can be easily broken. Selecting the most secure and practical locking mechanisms and storage features in keeping with the types of firearms owned are critical to ensuring that the safe you purchase will be up to the task at hand.

Gunvault Biometric Gun SafeDifferent types of locking mechanisms are available on gun safes, including traditional key and combination locks, electronic keypad locks, voice recognition and biometric gun safes, the latest trends in home gun storage. A biometric gun safe, also referred to as a fingerprint gun safe, offers the same security features as other gun safes, with the added advantage of fast, easy access. A sensor scans the user’s fingerprint and allows only the recognized users to access the contents of the safe. This type is particularly convenient in times of emergency, when fumbling with keys or a combination lock can waste valuable time.

Other important safety features include fireproofing, which can prevent damage to guns as well as injury from exploding ammunition in case of fire. Leak resistance and rust-proofing can prevent costly water damage from flooding or in areas subject to hurricanes and other violent storms. Look for heavy-duty construction, particularly on door hinges and where the safe walls are joined, and heavyweight safes that are more difficult to move.

The location of a gun safe is another important aspect to consider in maintaining the integrity of firearms. Many safes are designed to fit within a closet, or otherwise disguised so that their purpose is not apparent. Keeping your firearms stored in a place where they are out of easy view can prevent their existence from being known to burglars or casual visitors to your home.

Many safes offer extra features that can be useful in keeping the contents in good condition. Some come as standard features with the purchase of the safe and others are available as options. Dehumidifiers can help to prevent the formation of rust, which can cause significant damage to a weapon. Both chemical and electrical dehumidifiers are offered for use within a safe or in a gun case.

Pistol holders are another handy accessory for those who keep a large number of handguns. Hanging on the wall of the safe, they can help to keep small guns organized and accessible and prevent possible damage from crowding. Most safes come equipped with built-in lighting, but supplementary lights are also available as options.

When selecting a gun safe, it is wise to opt for quality over price. Used gun safes can be a bargain, but care should be taken to be sure that they are structurally sound and in good condition. Consider the track record of the safe’s manufacturer and their reputation for quality workmanship and reliability. Keeping your guns safe and secure should be the foremost concern, and will help to ensure the peace of mind of firearm ownership.

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