How To Get The Best Deal On Security Cameras

Security cameras are widely popular items on the present day home security market. Used for everything from surveillance to prevention, there are cameras available to accommodate every budget and function. Finding the best deal on your security camera(s) involves knowing exactly what it is you need or want before even beginning to source out brands and price ranges. The following article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the many options available, while identifying the features that distinguish them from one another. It will also provide some helpful insight into where and how great deals are likely to be found.

Identify Your Needs

Carefully consider your needs to help determine which type of camera will be most appropriate. While some homes, public places and places of business are in need of constant surveillance, others employ cameras and other security measures primarily for prevention of possible trespassing. The two situations presented are clearly on either end of the spectrum, but making that fundamental distinction will not only narrow your search, it will give you a more clear idea of how to budget for your investment.

Your Options

The tasks of prevention, constant surveillance and motion-activated surveillance are accomplished with three different types of cameras. For purely preventative measures, many people opt for the lowest-priced option: The dummy CCTV camera. Dummy CCTV cameras do not actually record activity or collect data; they are simply fake, or dummy, camera shells, which feature a blinking LED light to create the illusion of an area being under surveillance. The acronym CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, meaning that these dummy cameras also feature a fake wiring system. To the outside observer the camera will appear to be attached to a closed circuit surveillance system on the premises. While the presence of a realistic-looking camera will often be enough to deter potential wrongdoers, prevention is not always enough. Unfortunately, should a crime be committed despite the presence of these types of cameras, there will be no actual footage to document the incident after the fact.

For those that wish to obtain actual surveillance data in a given area, the dummy cameras discussed above will clearly not be sufficient. The motion activated security camera is a great choice for monitoring activity in a given area without having to review hours of material in which nothing happens. As its name suggests, the motion activated security camera is triggered into recording mode when its sensors detect movement, thereby recording all notable activity while conserving data space as well as energy. Another more advanced form of motion activated camera is the type that tracks movement through pivoting features and an auto focusing lens. This type of camera effectively surveys a much larger area, allowing for more comprehensive coverage of any and all activities.

Lorex Quad Wireless Digital Surveillance System

Lorex Quad Wireless Digital Surveillance System

The concept of closed circuit television monitoring, mentioned above, is still a viable option for some camera monitoring systems. Far more popular for modern systems however, is the concept of wireless surveillance. Using diverse technologies, wireless surveillance offers users the opportunity to access their surveillance footage remotely. Wireless transmissions are sent either via receiver/transmitter devices, within a given range, or via the internet. In the case of the former, footage can be accessed, in real time, from literally anywhere in the world, providing that location has a reliable internet connection.

Additional Options to Consider

Once you have determined which camera type will best accommodate your needs, you may wish to consider various additional features and options. For instance, if you are planning on placing one or more cameras out of doors, you will want to ensure that they are rugged enough to withstand regular wear and tear from outdoor elements. Generally, the outdoor security camera is either housed in a protective cover or has water and weatherproof features. Similarly, if you are planning on monitoring areas that are poorly lit, then infrared security cameras will ensure that important footage is not obscured due to lack of light.

Finding the Best Deals

Finding the best security camera deal is not just about finding the least expensive option; it is about finding the brands and models that are going to be most effective when it matters the most. It is also about identifying manufacturers and suppliers that stand behind their products by offering reliable product support and not being afraid to back up their quality claims with warranties. The Lorex Security Camera brand is a recognized and respected manufacturer and supplier of quality surveillance equipment. Not only do Lorex security cameras offer packages for every imaginable surveillance need, they also back up their claims with accessible customer support. Because no purchase should be made without a proper product and service comparison, consider looking at the online retailer Security Cameras Direct, which features several brand names and a wide variety of products.

When shopping for security camera packages, it is easy to be impressed and even overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of products offered. Shopping without a clear idea of what it is you need is one of the easiest ways of spending too much on a product that is not ideal for your situation. By carefully considering all security camera options and identifying your required key features, you will be far more successful in finding the best package and best deal for your security needs.

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