How To Keep Your Passwords Safe, Even if You Lose Your Phone

With our modern reliance on smartphones, many of us use our phones for everything. Checking email, catching up with friends through social networks, monitoring bank accounts, and paying bills are some of the things we do with our phones. Most of the stuff we access with smartphones is personal or important, and if your phone falls into the wrong hands, your data may too. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Secure your passwords with an app.

Not doing anything smart with your smartphone is one way to keep your passwords safe, but a password management program is a better alternative. Many people store a lot of vital data on their phones like account numbers, login details, passwords, and other vital information that could let someone steal your online accounts, your money, and even your identity if they go their hands on your device.

There are password management applications that can make this more secure. These programs can act like a safe to keep this vital data secure when your phone has been lost or stolen. Some of these apps even sync across other platforms, allowing you to get at the viral information that was stored on your phone from a home computer or other synced device.

It’s about more than software.

While an app like a password manager should be your final line of defense, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your passwords safe. The first is not losing your phone, but that can be easier said than done.

You should protect your device with a passcode, and the more complex it is the better. You can also set up your smartphone to erase itself after so many failed attempts. Additionally, you might want to avoid having any of your apps automatically log you in. Entering your password each time you want to check in on Foursquare or look at your email could be annoying, but it is just one more way to keep your passwords safe.

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