Side Gate Security Locks And How To Secure Your Gate

The type of home that a burglar will look for is one that is empty for long periods of time during the day, that has easy access and lots of covered areas where they can slink around without being noticed as well as good escape routes that are easily accessible. One of the main ways burglars gain entrance to a home is via the front door.  They also often try to slip into the property through a side gate and then have time to gain access to your home without being spotted. Side gate security is just as important as securing your house.

Side gates are notoriously unsecure in many homes. Either the gate itself is flimsy and in need of repair, or it does not have a decent lock attached to it. In reassessing your home security you may find that you need to install new side gate locks. A properly locked side gate will provide a barrier between your home and a potential burglar, and it is usually fairly easy to quickly secure your gate.

You can use either a padlock and hasp or a rim lock as a side gate lock. Rim locks do not offer the greatest security, thus they should not be used on your front and back door, or on garage doors. It usually is sufficient, however to use on your side gate or for other outbuildings such as garden sheds or tools sheds. Of course, if you have any expensive equipment in your outdoor sheds you may want to install a more secure lock on them.   A rim lock is traditionally a box that is attached to the inside of a door, or gate, with a complementary small box screwed onto the door frame which the lock is inserted into. A key is used to turn the lock.  Sometimes this type of lock has either a door handle or a door knob attached which is used to open it.

Side Gate SecurityA padlock is a small locking device that is closed around a hasp and locked. It can be opened using a key or you can also buy a combination lock if you do not want to have to worry about carrying keys around with you.

Either of these types of locks should provide you with basic security and should hinder anyone from gaining easy access into your property via your side gate. Additional side gate security features and ideas are listed below,

Consider a combination padlock which will be much harder to pick.
Some padlocks come with a steel shroud making them much harder to cut through or pry open.
A classic locking bolt adds some security, but for a really secure gate you could purchase a combination locking bolt. Squire produce an excellent product that has good anti-corrosion properties and is also recodeable.
Other great side gate security locks include a padlock which comes with an integral siren that sounds if it is tampered with. This will act as a great deterrent to most burglars.

When determining how to secure a side gate, consider first of all the nature of the gate itself. If it is made of very flimsy slatted wood, applying pressure around most locks will simply splinter the wood and enable access. Equally, when you are thinking about how to secure your gate, remember as well the environment around the gate. If there are any large bins or lower areas of fencing, a perfectly secure side will make no difference if a burglar can simply climb over. The fencing or walls need to be high enough and anything mobile that could be used to help someone get up and over removed.

Hopefully this overview of side gate security and run down of locks for side gates has helped to provide a few ideas of the best locking systems to employ, how to secure a gate effectively, and why it is so important for the safety of your family and property.

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