A Guide To Infrared Security Cameras

If you are searching for a passive security system that gives you the tools necessary to monitor your residential or commercial property during both the day and the night, consider investing in technologically advanced infrared security cameras. While there are several different camera manufacturers in the security industry today, there are several things you must consider to ensure you are investing in the best product at the most affordable price. With the increasing rate of home and industrial thefts and burglaries in recent years, more and more people are taking proactive steps to protect their property passively. Review the various features you should look for when choosing your infrared security camera including price, distance range capabilities, imagery, and if you are considering an outdoor security camera, whether it is durable enough to withstand all weather conditions.

How Does an Infrared Security Camera System Work?

An infrared security system, also referred to as a night vision security system, is designed to capture clear and quality imagery during both the daytime and the night time. While these cameras are only able to display night time visions in black and white due to the fact light is needed to capture color images, high quality cameras are able to record and capture distinct images that can be helpful in the event of a home theft or burglary.

The key to the technology embodied in infrared security cameras are special LED lights located at the front of the camera near the imaging lens. Because the technology used is infrared, they are not noticeable to the human eye; however, these LED devices are emitting a light beam where no ambient light is present to capture images both inside and outside a building or property. It is important to find an infrared system that utilizes the highest quality LED lights as well as advanced lenses high in mega pixels to guarantee recording and monitoring is distinct and easily decipherable.

The Benefits of Infrared Security Cameras

In comparison with traditional security cameras, infrared cameras offer several distinct benefits. The first obvious benefit of the night vision camera is the fact that it has the technology needed to capture an intruder during night hours where there is no light present. Because night hours are the most common time of day an intruder will attempt to break into your home, it is recommended to choose an infrared system rather than an alternative.

Infrared Security CamerasAnother great benefit of both the wired and infrared wireless security camera is the fact that they do not create a light to notify a potential intruder that they are on candid camera. While some security experts believe that scaring an intruder with a flashing security light or dummy camera is effective for preventative purposes, studies have shown these methods are not effective. This way you can take high-quality images to police and later have the criminal arrested for their crime rather than being unable to identify the intruder from dark shadows cast by other lights.

There was mention above of wireless infrared security cameras. Instead of paying for expensive and an obtrusive wired installation, these offer a great alternative, but care needs to be taken that the radio signal is strong enough to link effectively with the recording device. A good quality rather than bargain basement solution should ensure this but if your property is large, take extra care with this issue.

Possible Problems to Consider when Investing in an Infrared Camera

While the night vision security camera is an upgrade from traditional security cameras, these cameras do have their own problems that must be countered so that they will not affect your overall home security. One that may not be expected is the fact that the LED technology used for night vision is a magnet for bugs. Because bugs are attracted to LED lighting, it is important to invest in bug traps to avoid these critters affecting image quality.

Low light blurriness is another issue that can be avoided by investing in only high quality products. Research the manufacturers that are leading the market to ensure you are purchasing an infrared system that uses high-powered LED lights that will shine bright enough to create high light images rather than low light blurriness.

Where to Purchase your Infrared Security Systems

Night Vision cameras are sold at a variety of electronic retailers both locally and online, Security Camera Direct and Lorex security cameras being two of the leading suppliers. Indeed, the Lorex security camera range sports a large selection of infrared night vision kit. Because the Internet is a convenient way to compare prices, read reviews, and research product specifications, it is recommended to narrow your search on the World Wide Web. With an unlimited inventory offering pretty much anything your heart may desire, you can invest in the best possible system for the best rate. With special offers and discounted pricing online, search security product retailers on your preferred search engine and you will not even have to leave your home to secure it.

Home security is something every homeowner should consider researching and investing in. While you may feel you live in a safe neighborhood, often it is areas you least expect that are targeted by burglars. Take all the necessary steps to securing your home and invest in an infrared security system to give yourself the peace of mind you need when you turn in for the night. Shop online and save.

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