Intercom Security Systems Buying Guide

In this article you will learn about the different types of intercom security systems that you can purchase for your home. Everyone wants to feel safe in his or her home, but sometimes this is not always possible. You may live in what is statistically known as a bad neighborhood or have had problems with break-ins in the past, and have trouble feeling safe, so an intercom security system is the way to go.

When you are looking to invest in an intercom system, you may want to have two or three estimates by different companies carried out. When this is complete, make sure you to get all of the information in writing. The things to get in writing include but are not limited to; set-up and installation fees, warranties, equipment included, and possibly monthly or annual maintenance fees. You also want to find out when the system will be installed and how long it will take to install.

Intercom security systems come as telephone intercom and video intercom systems. The telephone intercom is great for businesses such as hospitals or warehouses. The clarity of the voices is very good on this type of system, but there is no visual to confirm to whom you are talking.

Intercom Security SystemsThe other intercom option open to you is video intercom. Video intercom not only gives you the opportunity to talk to someone at another location within the home or business property, or immediately outside, they allow you to see the person too. As a home security device, this stands head and shoulders above the telephone only alternative. It is much safer to be able to see as well as hear the person wishing to gain entry to your home.

Video intercom systems are typically installed at the main entry point, so at the front door or by the gate to a driveway. There are three units that are most commonly used in homes; standard wired systems that only allow audio; wireless units; and audio/video units.

Wired Audio Units

Despite the advantages of video mentioned above, the hard wired security intercom system is the most widely used out of all the systems installed in homes. The hardwired system can be installed anywhere in the home, as long as you are able to run the wires to the destination of your choice. This system provides the best clarity of the three systems. These systems are also the most affordable out of the three. The best time to have this system installed is when the home is being constructed. It is also the easiest to maintain because it requires zero to little to zero maintenance.

Furthermore, it is not only for home security, it can also be used inside the home for communication between different rooms. In this case, there may well be more than one unit installed. One of the benefits of in the home use is letting the system act as a baby or toddler monitor. However, installing multiple units in a large house can be troublesome because of the need for extensive wiring.

Wireless Units

Whether audio or video, installing a wireless intercom system is a smart way to go if you do not want to run all the wiring yourself. The wireless unit uses radio waves to communicate from one point to the other but they may not be the best choice if you want to cover outbuildings or connect to the driveway gate as the range may not always be sufficient. They are often battery operated and portable giving you the flexibility to continue with your daily activities but often wireless security intercom systems operate on open frequencies and this makes it nearly impossible to have a private conversation with anyone on the other end.

Audio/Video Units

Audio/video units not only allow you to talk to someone outside of your establishment or home, they also allow you to see who is there. These units are often accompanied by a buzzer that is connected to the camera; when the buzzer is activated, the camera is also activated to grant you access to see who may want to enter your home.

No matter which type of intercom security system you decide to get, it really does provide an extra level of security and importantly too, a feeling of safety in your own home. For maximum security, this should form an integral part of a full security alarm monitoring system. If you are are incorporating a video intercom in to an external entry point to your home, you might also want to consider upgrading the locking mechanism to a push button lock system or one of a range of keyless digital door lock systems. A good quality solution is harder to tamper with than a key lock and you’ll never have the problem of losing your keys or getting locked out again.

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