Keeping Your Portland Home Safe

The City of Portland runs a Fire Blog to keep all of the Portland residents informed about fires in the area, fire prevention methods and activities that the fire fighters are participating in. Recently, there was a tragic apartment fire in which an individual passed away.

The fire occurred in two apartments one located on the first story and the other located right on top of the first apartment. When the fire fighters arrived they were informed that there were three people left inside of the building.

As they aggressively fought the fire and looked for those within the apartments, they were able to save two of the individuals. Tragically, there were not able to find the third individual and when the fire was put out the third individual had passed away inside.

The Portland Fire and rescue Chief, Erin Janssens, arrived at the scene after learning of the death and expressed her sorrow for the family and the loved ones that had lost someone that they loved in the fire that day.

The threat of fire in Portland is real and can be very dangerous. Understanding how to react, should there be a fire in your home, may end up saving your life and teaching those in your household may help them save their own lives if a fire should start in your home.

Understanding two different ways to get out of the house, no matter what room you are in, is very important. If you have children in the home, you will want to map out these exits with them and run through a fire drill to ensure that they remember which exits they can take.

While you are discussing the different exits with the children, you will also want to have them listen to the fire alarm. If they wake up in the middle of the night to the alarm, it is important that they are going to recognize what the sound is and realize how to react.

Some people try to fight the fire in their home instead of getting out quickly. Fire damage in Portland can be devastating, but it is important to realize that your safety is much more important than any damage that can occur to your home or to your possessions.

You can rebuild after fire damage in Portland but losing a loved one is not something that you can undo. Take time to meet with your household and plan a fire escape route and ensure that everyone understands what to do and how to react in case there is a fire.

Tragedies occur on a consistent basis and even if you are fully prepared for a fire, you may not be able to avoid a tragedy in your home. Doing all that you can to avoid the start of a fire and react properly to a fire if one does start burning may not be enough.

Taking the dangers of fire seriously is very important. Learn and teach what you can do to make your home a safer place.

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