Key Features Of Good Quality Patio Door Locks

A secure home should always be a top priority for every homeowner. Whether you wish to ensure that you and your family will be safe within your home, or that the home and its contents are protected during your absence, it is important to identify the best means of securing every entranceway. Patio door locks present a unique challenge to homeowners because the function of the door or doors is different than that of more traditional swinging door entryways. The following article will discuss some patio door lock options, as well as some key features that will help you to determine their quality and effectiveness.

There are several popular types of sliding door lock, all of which serve specific purposes, and many of which can work well in tandem with one another. Identifying good quality locks is important, but equally important is ensuring that every possible entrance method is identified and addressed. As a result, using more than one type of sliding glass door lock on every patio door is the best way to protect your home and prevent home intrusion. In addition to traditional mortise-style keyed sliding door locks, and the latch locks that are often built into patio doors, consider the following patio door lock options: security bars or braces, deadbolts, foot locks, good quality roller tracks with anti-lift mechanisms in place, and electro-magnetic security systems.

In addition to the multiple types and styles of sliding glass door locks, there are also dozens of manufacturers and producers of said locks. Wading through all of the information provided can be confusing and frustrating, but looking for some key features that indicate quality and reliability will make the job considerably simpler. Consider the following features as good indications of quality and effectiveness: consumer reviews, detailed information and descriptions of features, durable and good quality construction and materials, and guarantees or warranties on specific items.

Consumer reviews are a useful tool for researching and eventually purchasing and installing effective patio door locks. It is possible to find these reviews online on various do-it-yourself and home improvement forums. Attempt also to talk to friends and neighbors about their experiences. Reviews from actual consumers will be more honest and helpful than speaking with a salesperson or reading a manufacturer review, both of which might be biased towards a particular product or brand.

Patio Door Foot LockMaterials and features of specific types of sliding glass door locks are an important consideration. For instance, for a security bar or brace, a sturdy and durable material such as steel will hold up best under pressure, and will last the longest. In addition, features such as adjustable lengths and the option to add a padlock allow for the options of keeping the door open enough to allow for ventilation or accessibility for a pet, and of adding another secure element to your patio door when away from the home, respectively.

Finally, look for sliding door lock manufacturers that offer extended warranties on their products, in order to guarantee lasting quality and effectiveness. Warranties not only offer consumers financial protection in case their purchase malfunctions; they also provide an added degree of assurance that any product purchased under said warranty is going to help to provide lasting safety and security to your home. Remember that an investment in a quality patio door lock is not only a financial one but also one of basic security. Companies that respect your investments will not be afraid to put their reputations behind their assertions.

The above information does not profess to be exhaustive. Clearly there are a great number of factors, when considering sliding door locks, which contribute to the security of a home and its many entranceways. Nonetheless, consumer reviews, the quality and features of specific types of locks, as well as the ways in which manufacturers guarantee their products, are some excellent ways of helping to determine just how effective your locks will be.

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