Convenient and Smart Security With Key Lock Boxes

It is always important to take smart security measures whether at home, on business, in your vehicle, or anywhere else for that matter, and more often than not this means using a keys, or more likely lots of keys. However, an integral aspect of good security is convenience. Having to carry too many keys invites losing them, is a nuisance and can be very confusing, not to mention the hassle of getting copies cut and recut for family members for example. So at times, it can be both impractical and unsafe. One of the best remedies for these issues are key lock boxes. Commonly used by real estate agents to safely conceal keys to a piece of property, these convenient and clever key storage boxes can be used by anyone and have an amazing array of customized features and sizes. The following guide to the types of boxes on the market and key features will help you discover ways in which to optimize your security and maintain a high level of convenience at the same time.

A good key lock box will be able to hold several keys at once so that multiple keys to doors, automobiles, tool sheds, equipment, or anything else can be kept in one safe place. Hiding keys under rocks or doormats is both dangerous and unwise, not to mention highly inconvenient if you forget where you hid them! A combination key lock box can provide the ultimate in safety and most styles have clever instructions on how to open them even in the dark by the person who knows the correct combination. Most such key lock boxes have a solid metal body construction that is resistant to rust. A hardened steel shackle is often an additional feature for extra security. Typically, the surface that the lock box rests upon will be protected by protective coverings or bumpers on the back or bottom of the box.

There are also lock boxes for keys in larger sizes that are designed to hold additional items such as jewelry and vital documents. The primary material of choice is stainless steel. Its durability and longevity make it a popular choice. Lock boxes for keys or other items can usually be mounted anywhere and you will also find that most boxes on the market are waterproof as well, protecting the interior contents not only from theft but also from the elements. In fact, even in the event of fire, you can usually count on your sturdily constructed lock box making it through, contents intact. To be absolutely sure on these issues, look for an ETL check regarding waterproof status and also for a fireproof rating.

Key Lock BoxesNew technology has recognized that not only keys and valuables but also firearms need to be kept under lock and key. Any home with children should consider firearms storage in a key storage lock box or other type of gun safe a necessity. Such specially made boxes have features that allow for quick opening in case of an emergency while still allowing you to keep your firearm out of the reach of little hands. Innovative pushbutton technology will allow you to access your gun quickly and quietly for immediate self-defense, while still maintaining the highest level of protection against unauthorized access. There are also specialty trigger lock mechanisms available as an alternative.

Key storage cabinets are an excellent way to secure dozens or even hundreds of keys. In a parking lot, or other business situation where key control and tracking is integrated with speed and convenience, such storage methods make perfect sense. Keeping a large amount of keys organized and within easy reach can be accomplished with practicality, utilizing a larger size cabinet style box made especially for keys. This type of enclosure is available in key card cabinets; wall mounted key storage lock boxes, and valet podium styles.

Some additional features you may want to consider when making your selection are ease of recombination if you are selecting a combination style so that you can periodically change your specific number sequence. Several such styles are made with sight-impaired consumers in mind too, or for use in the dark. Also, consider durability and whether your lock box will be used indoors or outdoors, and for what period of time. Although plastic punch button lock boxes are available and are tempting for convenience sake, they are generally not considered to be as secure as combination boxes. Pay attention to box dimensions to ensure that your choice will fit comfortably in whatever space you have selected.

Most but not all lock boxes are constructed to withstand shock, a very important feature if you are using them on a truck, boat or aeroplane but confirm this before buying. Important also in places where such natural enemies as earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes are an issue will be the resistance to extreme weather conditions or temperature conditions. Certain lockboxes are constructed with these factors in mind, particularly when selected for exclusive use in the out of doors. Certainly, fire, water, and high wind can potentially damage a key lock box and its contents and only those properly constructed to withstand such conditions should be used for optimum results.

There are a huge number of options available on the market. Hopefully bearing these issues in mind will help you to select a lock box for keys that’s just right for you and your family or your business needs.

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