Keyless Entry Locks: What Are The Options?

As a home or car owner, you are most certainly aware of the fact that you have valuable property to protect. There are multiple options for how to protect your property against burglary and vandalism, including alarm systems, surveillance equipment, and strategic lighting, but one of the most effective means of deterring intruders is by ensuring that your home or property is well secured, and cannot be accessed by anyone except authorized individuals. Keyless entry locks are an uncomplicated and highly effective means of securing access to your property. The following paragraphs will discuss their many advantages, as well as the options available to interested consumers.

Keyless entry door locks are essentially a means of securing an entrance without the need for a traditional key and lock combination. The most popular type of keyless entry lock is one that features a mechanical push pad, on which the correct combination of buttons must be pressed in the correct order, to gain access. Consider this type of lock a more complex version of the combination lock you may have used to secure your bike as a child.

However, what are the advantages of choosing to install a keyless entry door lock, as opposed to one that is more traditional in nature? Why should anyone consider changing to a keyless entry option, if their lock and key system has always served them in the past? Consider the following facts: almost every individual has a story to tell about the time that they lost their keychain, locked themselves out of the house or car, or even broke their key in the lock they were attempting to open. With keyless entry locks, the possibility of these and other mishaps is eliminated. In addition, you will no longer have to concern yourself with losing track of duplicate keys, or having to leave a spare key hidden close by in the event of emergency.

Keyless Entry LocksWith regular key locks, a possible breach in security can only be resolved by changing the lock entirely; a costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient process. With a keyless entry door lock, access codes are easily reset by the owner at any time. Many individuals regularly change their computer passwords to avoid the possibilities of having their accounts breached. Similarly, having a keyless entry code to your home or other property allows you the freedom to reset your entry code at any time, without the need to contact a service person or go through the lengthy process of having to replace the entire lock system.

Most keyless entry door locks are non-electrical, and do not require any type of wiring or batteries to work effectively. Instead, they are self-contained lock systems whose combinations can be set and reset at any point. The fact that most of these systems are self-contained eliminates the need to worry about replacing low batteries or relying on some external source of power for the system to function properly. There are however, additional features, available with some systems, which do require batteries. These additional features include options such as a lighted keypad, for easy accessibility at night or in poorly lit areas, or even requiring a valid fingerprint, as well as the correct code, in order to gain access. Most systems that come with additional battery operated features also include an indicator that shows when the battery power is low or needs to be replaced.

A common concern for individuals considering installing a keyless entry door lock is the possibility of forgetting a code, or having an unwelcome person gain knowledge of the current code. Both of these concerns are easily addressed. With the need to remember so many codes, it is a relatively common occurrence to occasionally blank on a code at the crucial moment. Most keyless systems have an emergency override system built in, to protect against situations such as the one described above. These emergency systems will often require the use of a magnetic key card, or even of a traditional key. In the event that someone outside of your family or close circle of friends has gained access to your access code, most systems can be easily reset by the owner, at any time. In addition, you may choose to look into a system that allows for one-time access codes to be programmed, to accommodate guests or other visitors, such as tradespeople for example.

Additional points to consider when changing to keyless entry locks include their installation procedures, and their warranties. Depending on where you buy your system, and the special features of said system, you may have the options of either installing the lock(s) yourself, or having them installed by the supplier. Installing the locks on your own can be a means of saving money, but be sure that the instructions provided by the manufacturer are clear and easy to understand. Because the basic mechanism of most keyless systems is mechanical, the manufacturer should stand by its quality and durability. Look for systems that come with extended warranties to ensure reliability and longevity, and check to see if the warranty remains valid whoever does the install.

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