The Keypad Door Lock: Review of Products on the Market

When you are looking to upgrade the security of a door, keypad lock options are growing more and more cost effective, providing convenience, security and style to both residential and commercial installation. From pure keypad door locks to the highest grade keypad door lock with fingerprint access, the selection and quality of door security options continues to grow.

Keyless PIN Locks

This type of keypad door lock comes in many different designs. The most basic form, whether designed for indoor or outdoor use, generally comes with some core features. Even the most basic of these locks comes in a sheltered, weather-proof housing if intended for outdoor use. They are auto-locking, ensuring 24-7 security of your home or business.

Programming and installation of these locks is straightforward. They generally accommodate up to ten users, adding accountability to access. Most allow two or more “Master” PIN codes, ones that allow for the reprogramming of other PINs. The locks themselves are designed to fit in the footprint of a conventional lock, with different designs for each type of installation.

These units come either modifiable for left-right hand use or are available in both left hand and right handed varieties. It is critical to order the proper unit or else you may experience a delay in installation returning the original unit for one that is correctly handed. Some features you may discover on the better-quality PIN code locks include a lit keyboard, for easy night time entry, as well as audible alarms for low battery and failed PIN entry.

Remote Access PIN Locks

The next step in convenience is a keypad door lock that incorporate a remote keyfrog, up to 15 unique remotes, and 10 unique PIN codes. These locks, often referred to as 3-in-1 because they have keyed, PIN and remote options for operating the deadbolt, share all the basic features of the pure pin lock with the added convenience of the remote access.

Most of these locks include audible low battery warning tones, as well as multiple code failure alarms, to alert anyone present that there is a questionable attempt at entry. Some of the most advanced remote access keypad door locks include web and cell phone monitoring. They even go as far as to provide additional functionality such as light and thermostat controls, and video camera feeds to a computer or SmartPhone.

keypad door lockThe web and phone integration is highly flexible. Owners can choose and customize all of their notification options, from email to SMS text messaging whenever the lock is activated and by whom. The controls are largely web-based, making these units some of the most user friendly available. Instead of somewhat tedious manual re-programming, owners control everything from PIN codes to what security features are active from user-friendly web-based software.

A nice feature of these systems is that while full integration is possible, the home or business owner need not invest all of the money upfront. The lock itself may be purchased first, with the other integrated hardware added piece by piece as budget allows.

The Ultimate Accountability: Fingerprint Access Locks

There is a growing popularity and demand for the latest in controlled access, the fingerprint replacement of the door keypad lock. These subtly designed security devices come in two general designs. The first is a pure fingerprint access system, generally designed for residential use. These units closely resemble traditional locks, but may be programmed to read up to 30 unique user fingerprints.

These units, on average, are more advanced in their features than similarly priced manual PIN code lock mechanisms. They often incorporate impact alarms, to alert in the event of forced entry attempts, and many use a standard keyset for the back up key system to ensure that in the event a key is lost, that the tumbler can be reset to a new key set. These are generally dead-bolt style locks, avoiding handedness concerns of levered PIN style locks. Most of these units take advantage of flash memory, so fingerprint files are not dependent on battery life for staying on record.

More advanced commercial models of biometric entry systems can accommodate up to 100 users and may integrate a PIN access option as well. They allow for time restricted access, as well as temporary deletion of access. Users of this sort of lock include military installations, hospitals, apartment facilities and secure manufacturing areas.

Biometric fingerprint entry locks are generally ANSI and UL rated, ensuring a minimum level of manufacturing rigor and in-use performance. They have been rigorously tested and deliver on their promise of increased security when properly installed. A strong added feature is a more comprehensive code logging memory, and 9-volt backup to ensure functionality in the face of loss of power.

Selecting the Right Option

Only you can decide some of the critical aspects of what is the right lock for your purposes. Whether style, size or overall seamless security is your driving need, there is a keypad or key alternative lock that can meet your needs. Know your options for increased convenience and security.

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