Lengthen the Life of Your Columbus Home by Preventing Water Damage.

Water damage to your home can come in many forms in Columbus, OH. Heavy rainfall, clogged storm drains, and flash floods are classic examples of homes negatively affected by water.

What’s often forgotten is those aren’t the only things that hurt a home. Significantly smaller things like leaks or puddles can do some pretty nasty things if not taken care of.

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature. A slow but steady stream of drops can tear through rock, if given enough time.What chance does your wooden house stand against such a persistent leak behind a wall?

That answer is never for certain, but you can help ensure a long life of your home by consistently preventing that kind of Columbus water damage from occurring.

A good homeowner doesn’t need to be as strict as a mother-in-law in order to keep a home in tip-top shape. A guest forgetting to set her cold glass on a coaster isn’t going to take years away from your home.

A good homeowner does keep track of a leaky pipe or a damp or repeatedly problematic area of the home. The reason for this is that a single, small leak left unattended can eat through a floor of your home.

Within just a few short months it could cause hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of water damage in your home. That’s money that you could have saved for an emergency, or to send your kids to college.

Instead, you kick yourself because you now have a problem that was easily preventable. The more obvious fixes are ones that you can see—for example, a leaky faucet.

Often times this requires an inexpensive part replacement that you can repair yourself. Others may include a loose bolt around a pipe that allows water to escape.

In this case you should shut off the water, take a wrench, tighten it up again, and then check to ensure that the leak is sealed. Cost equates to merely the price of the multi-use wrench.

Special sensors will help you determine if there is water in-between the walls. This tool senses the presence of moisture and can even indicate how much is on the other side.

The sensor flashes a red light and beeps to indicate the amount. Faster flashing and beeping means there’s a lot of moisture.Slower flashing and beeping indicates smaller amounts. Mold and mildew are often signs of an incredibly moist environment as well.

To discover whether the mold is from a leak or simply growing in moist conditions, first remove the mold and investigate its source. Did it grow because it’s in the bathroom, where hot water and a damp environment make it easy to breed?

Or was it because there was a small leak behind your wall that manifested itself because the water seeped through? Investigate the cause of the mold and you will likely discover its source.

Clean up free-standing water, wherever it may be. Puddles will warp a floor before it will eat through it, making an extremely unsightly blemish in your home.

Also be aware of recurring puddles. When a puddle accumulates in the same place on a regular basis, it can have the same negative effect as if it had been left long-term, or it could be a sign of leakage somewhere nearby.

Dry these puddles up immediately after they come into being. If you do these things, your home is sure to enjoy a long life in Columbus, free of water damage.

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