Lorex Security Camera System

Home security is an important aspect of any household and it entails much more than a simple alarm system, or theft prevention methods. When families leave on vacation, they often wonder about the safety of their homes. Now it is possible to view both the inside and outside of the home through security cameras that are connected to the Internet. This allows homeowners to see their homes on their laptops or cell phones from virtually any location. These cameras operate well in any light by providing clear images. Digital video recorders (DVRs) can record several cameras for hours simultaneously. This can be an asset to business owners by identifying thefts in progress. Those with newborn babies can utilize security camera systems as fantastic baby monitoring devices too. Remote viewing, day and night operation, video recording and wireless technology are some of the key benefits of a Lorex Security Camera.

Lorex security cameras provide unique solutions to the security dilemmas of today. Perhaps their most innovative product is the IP camera. This is a camera that can be routed directly to the Internet, either by wireless means or with a common USB cable. A Lorex camera can provide clear images in the dark of night as well as on a bright sunny day. Specialized DVRs contain hours of recording capabilities across several channels. Each channel records a separate camera, and this can be accomplished around-the-clock. The wireless Lorex security camera system displays wireless images without the interference found with many other camera systems.

The Lorex Company sells its equipment by individual item, or as a comprehensive system. All of the equipment sold is considered reasonably priced. However, deep discounts can usually be obtained through the purchase of entire systems. The highest priced Lorex system sells for nearly $3000, which includes 16 cameras, IP technology, a DVR player and a monitor. The lowest price system costs around $1300. A set of four cameras with infrared features is priced around $500. A single Lorex camera can cost approximately $40. There are several additional pieces of equipment, such as housings that can prevent camera damage due to inclement weather or vandalism. There are even cameras that are not operational, but provide the illusion of security; the Lorex security camera dummy will create the appearance of ongoing camera surveillance through models with no operating features.

Lorex Security CameraComprehensive video surveillance systems are often times expensive and full of glitches. Lorex systems advertise quality at a fair price. The equipment available demonstrates distinguishable versatility and durability. There are cameras of every shape and size, with unique technology. Whether the system is intended for indoor or outdoor use, Lorex has a product to fit the need.

Lorex security camera reviews indicate that the products meet the needs of the average consumer and that the price is fair. In many cases, the most recent models included within these camera systems have yet to be rated. This is due to the sheer newness of the product itself. Not enough consumers willing to formally review purely because the products have been available for only a short time.

Most of the equipment manufactured by the Lorex Company is sold at various home improvement stores such as Home Depot. The systems and individual pieces of Lorex video monitoring equipment can also be purchased on the Internet a variety of approved sites. The Internet is generally the best place to look at reviews of the product to be purchased as well.

Security has become a paramount concern to families who own homes. Advances in technology have made purchasing comprehensive video surveillance systems affordable to the average consumer. In addition, the development of wireless surveillance has made installation much cheaper and easier. The features of these systems now have a myriad of uses. Using a Lorex security camera to check on the house from 1000 miles away, whether with a motion activated security camera or continual recording, or for listening, talking to and watching the newborn baby from another room in the house, can be an invaluable asset for exhausted parents. No matter how a video surveillance system is used, it is likely to be deemed an asset to any home.

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