Lorex Security Cameras

A global leader in video security camera solutions, Lorex offers surveillance systems with outstanding performance. Their product line up includes night vision cameras, mobile phone access, weather proof cameras, wireless and complete security systems with clean crisp images and faithful color reproduction. This article will take a brief look at the Lorex security camera range and the technology that assists and compliments them.

If you need to keep an eye on large areas of your property Lorex security cameras that are dome shaped have a viewing angle that is much wider than typical cameras. Lorex produce these in small dome and vandal proof versions. Some can also PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) and can be set to follow a path automatically, or controlled by hand with an external controller. Typical degrees of freedom are pan/tilt range of 350° horizontally and 90° vertically. PTZ cameras are well suited to high traffic areas such as malls, busy streets etc.

Their night vision infrared security cameras feature IR LEDs (light emitting diodes) that allow you to see from 20 feet to 150 feet in pitch black. These LEDs turn on when recording is necessary to illuminate the subject. Lorex also has a range of covert cameras that blend in with their environment, allowing you to monitor and record without being seen.

Lorex Security CamarasPurchasing Lorex security cameras need not be that expensive. They provide dummy security cameras which are low cost but effective at deterring the causal thief. If the criminal believes the camera is real that might be enough to discourage them. This is great for small businesses and those on low budgets.

Storing data from the cameras is made simple with the easy to set up Lorex DVR – digital video recorder. This recording device has advanced security features such as motion recording, H.264 compression and internet connection, allowing you to monitor your property anywhere in the world via your computer or smartphone. Mobile devices supported include iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Lorex can provide complete security systems that combine a security monitor and a security DVR in a single solution. These security camera systems are easy to use and set up but come with advanced security features. These all-in-one observation systems make Lorex security cameras for your home or business ideal because they take up little space which is a valuable advantage for many business and home environments.

Some Lorex cameras can utilize wireless technology, making them really easy to install. They are secure, interference free, and offer great video quality. They can also be adapted as your security system scales and develops.

Lorex has recognized how important having security on a mobile device is and how it can improve the proactive measures that you can take to deter criminals. Mobile surveillance is useful for those on the ground or if you have to be away from a desktop monitor. Their mobile solutions work with the iPhone and all other devices that are web enabled.

Many of their products are plug and play and come with video tutorials. If you need or want a professional, Lorex have certified installers. These installers have been trained in camera installation and can guide you through the use of the product and related accessories.

Lorex security camera reviews come from a range of public users, including security professionals, parents and camera operators. Many comment on the excellent quality of the cameras, customer service and promotional offers. These reviews show that Lorex take the utmost care to produce quality products. They will not let you down with poor after sales service. They have domestic and international customer service lines, video tutorials and online guides that will assist you if you need further help developing your Lorex security camera system.

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