Metal Security Screen Doors


A persons home is where he or she will feel the most comfortable; it is important they take advantage of every opportunity to make their home safe. One way of doing this is by adding metal security screen doors to their home. Many options are available that will allow someone to find a style they enjoy while providing practical benefits. Among these options are different designs, materials, strengths and features that will influence the cost for each.

Metal Security Screen Doors

First Alert D80FA36X80 Ashland 36-Inch by 80-Inch Security Screen Door

When shopping for a security screen door, it is helpful to understand what separates a high end product from one that is much cheaper. Various colors, styles, and designs can be found at any level of the price spectrum; the materials used to construct the door and their force resistance rating will vary with the price. This force resistance rating refers to the amount of force a metal security screen door can resist and it is established through break-in simulation testing. Other variables include intrusion resistance, pry resistance, and UV resistance.

Beginning at the high-end of the price range is the First Alert D80FA Ashland steel security screen door. This is a 36-inch by 80-inch door and is available in black. This door has a force resistance rating of 700 pounds. It is constructed using welded steel and includes a heavy-duty galvanized metal screen that has mitered corners. The manufacturer also offers three separate warranties that they claim are designed to protect your investment.

Moving into the mid-level price range of available doors is the First Alert 650FA Charleston. This is also a 36-inch by 80-inch door available in black. The appearance is reduced somewhat but the important difference is the force resistance rating. This option provides a 550 pound rating and has a similarly designed frame and screen as the Ashland. Manufacturer warranties are also available on this model.

Another mid-level option is the Leslie Locke 5073 Laguna. The 5073 Laguna is 36-inch by 80-inch and is available in white. It also has been tested and provides a force resistance of 250 pounds. This is substantially less than our first option, but it is also cheaper.

Finally, the most affordable of the wrought iron security doors is the Leslie Locke 507 Laguna. This is a smaller door at 30-inch by 80-inch and available in black. The force resistance on this option is also 250 pounds.

When considering home security, access points are of great concern. Selecting among the many options of metal security screen doors available will be a personal choice. This choice will depend what a person may want and what this person may be able to afford. The relationship between the level of security a door provides and the cost of the door are bound together. The more secure styles that provide the 700-pound force resistance rating will be the most expensive. Many of the other factors such as color or design styles will be similar in all price ranges. First Alert and Leslie Locke both manufacture different classes of doors based on this performance ranking.

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  1. Lonnie Atchley says:

    Why hasn’t someone mated a security screen door with a traditional patio slider? It would be an integral part of the door at installation in the same sense as most sliding screens that come with a patio sliding door. It would necessarily be beefy enough to bear the additional weight and lockable so the sliding door could remain open at night.

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