Modern Garage Door Openers Are an Investment in Safety

Automated mechanisms that control the entrances to garages have existed nearly as long as automobiles and their design technology have kept pace with the vehicles they help protect. Westfield garage door openers today are unmatched in convenience, durability, and especially in built-in safety features.

Most doors are now made of lightweight metal or composites for ease of operation. Basic opener designs commonly feature variations on the chain lift drive, which can be somewhat noisy, or on the slightly more expensive, but less intrusive screw drive. Luxury models are often operated by durable belts designed to lift even the heaviest weights.

The chances of sustaining an injury caused by improper opening or closing today are increasingly small. Those built after 1993 are required to have sensors that prevent full closing if an object is underneath, and older models also have reversing mechanisms. Testing these features regularly and making sure children have no access to the remote controls are both recommended.

Temporary power outages cause fewer problems. Models today include battery backup, making manual lifting unnecessary. There is also a simple release device for emergencies, leaving little chance of being trapped inside. Periodic maintenance ensures that the balance mechanism, correct force setting, and reversal capabilities continue to operate smoothly.

One of the biggest advances in home safety today is remote operation. Many of these devices allow access, control, or even viewing from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Built-in timers guarantee that nothing will be left exposed if a forgetful owner is in a hurry, and they can also activate lighting or appliances.

With the latest in easy-to-use programmable controls, Westfield garage door openers allow ease of access when the weather the weather outside is excessively hot or wet. Remote operation allows drivers to know they are coming home to a safe, well-lit environment with less chance of being surprised by an intruder, creating greater peace of mind.

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