More About Deadbolt Locks

We are pretty familiar with door knobs, basic door and window locks and many other types of security solutions for our home but have you ever heard of a deadbolt lock? You might well have but have you really given it much attention? With the rising cases of break-ins and home intrusions, it can be quite helpful if we familiarized ourselves with deadbolt locks and how they work.

We might have heard about this kind of lock for years and we know that they are widely used in entry or exit doors. We have also heard stories of how they can be bypassed or broken down but why is it that many people still use them? We can never really find the answers to our questions unless we learn more about this kind of security solution.

A deadbolt lock is pretty much like any other mechanism that we know of; however, compared to bolt locks, this locking mechanism does not allow movement to the open position unless the right kind of key or pass code is used. A perfect example of this kind of locking system is the door knob. The door knob uses deadbolt locking technology as it cannot be unlocked unless the lock cylinder is rotated. This kind of locking system offers more resistance to forced entries because unlike spring bolt locks, it will never unlock unless the right kind of key or pass code is used.

Deadbolt LocksThere are different kinds of deadbolt locks and they all offer certain advantages and disadvantages. There are single cylinder locks with removable thumb turns. There are also those for classroom function, wherein the thumb turn alone unlocks the door. The exit only deadbolt lock does not have an external cylinder and is used, as the name suggests, in exit doors. There are also pushbutton deadbolt locking systems which can either be mechanical or electrical.

However, with the rise in break-in and forced entry cases, locksmiths and home security companies have developed deadbolt locking systems that use biometric technology. The introduction of biometric access control devices offers homeowners more reliable ways of installing door locks in their homes.

It helps to learn more about how deadbolt locks work and how they can truly help keep us free from thieves and other criminals. The more we know about them, the more we become educated on what factors we need to consider before purchasing a deadbolt locking system or a biometric access control device.

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