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Vonnic C402W Sony CCD TV Covert Motion Detector Security Camera (White)

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Vonnic C402W 1/3″ Sony CCD 480 TV Lines 3.7mm Fixed Lens Covert Motion Detector Security Camera -…

Foscam FI8904W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera with 15-20 Meter Night Vision (67° Viewing Angle) – Silver

The Foscam FI8904W is a wireless or wired IP camera solution for outdoor use. It combines a high…

Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera, Black

The MOLE is the all-in-one network camera for all your social network communities. A simple 3-step…

Virtually everybody is concerned, to some degree, with home and office security. While some do not feel the need to go beyond locking doors and closing windows, the great majority of individuals will adopt at least one other means of securing their property and belongings. The question for many is: How much security is just enough, and how much is too much? While video surveillance is not used by most individual homeowners, there are numerous advantages to employing this extra security measure. A motion detector camera is an ideal option because it does not have to run continually in order to capture important footage. As the name suggests, this type of camera will only activate when it detects motion in an otherwise inactive area.

The functions of security cameras can be several-fold. Most obviously, cameras can capture on film (or as data) any activity within their range of focus. Having this retroactive surveillance option can help to identify intruders such as thieves and vandals. Cameras are also used for active surveillance of a given area, which can be monitored either remotely or via a closed-circuit connection. Finally, the physical presence of a camera can act as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers.

When beginning a search for a motion detector camera, consumers will immediately note that it is a popular and widely-produced commodity. As a result, purchase options are vast and varied. The following article will provide some insight into the types of motion detector cameras available, and how these various types can be beneficial under different circumstances. It will discuss and describe a sampling of brand and models, as a means of illustrating the range of options consumers have available to them.

One of the first distinctions to make, when beginning your camera search, is exactly what functions you would like it to perform and what kind of set up you are interested in creating. Establishing these parameters will help you to determine whether you would benefit more from a wired closed circuit television (CCTV) camera system or a wireless internet protocol (IP) system. You will also want to determine what means the camera uses to detect motion. A popular option, for the right setting, is the PIR motion detector camera, which uses passive infrared to trigger activation. This functionality is classically used in a motion sensor alarm or motion detector alarm, and in the case of cameras, eliminates the laborious task of going through hours of footage to find an actual incident.

On a more basic level, it is important to identify where you will be positioning the camera before actually buying it, as outdoor cameras will necessarily have more weather and impact-proofing features. Similarly, determine whether you will make your camera visible or hidden. If you would like to survey an area without drawing attention to the fact, a motion detector spy camera that is either disguised as some other object or discreet in its appearance would be most appropriate.

The following products are listed according to price range, from the least expensive upwards, and represent three quality cameras in their price brackets.

1. The Vonnic Fixed Lens Covert Motion Detector Security Camera

This product is extremely reasonably priced and fairly basic in function. It features a 3.7 millimeter fixed pin hole lens. The fact that it is a fixed lens refers to the fact that in order to scan anywhere beyond its immediate range, its positioning would need to be manually adjusted. This camera is wired, meaning that it operates on a closed-circuit system. As it does not possess any specific weather-proofing features, it is most appropriate for indoor use.

2. The Foscam Outdoor Waterproof Wireless/Wired IP Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection Alarm

Despite its many attractive features, this Foscam product is still extremely reasonably priced. Particularly notable among its features are its night vision capabilities (facilitated by LED lights), the fact that it is well-equipped to deal with severe outdoor conditions, and the fact that it is Wifi compliant and compatible with both Mac and PC products, meaning that remote viewing is possible from numerous devices. This camera is relatively bulky and functional in appearance, meaning that it will not be a subtle addition to any home security system.

3. The Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Camera

This Astak product is more high-end on the price spectrum. The price reflects the camera’s complexity and its ability to perform diverse tasks. In addition to the tasks performed by the Foscam product listed above, the Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Camera has a built-in DVR, so that videos can be posted directly onto YouTube. The pan and tilt features make it possible to remotely adjust the direction of the camera’s lens, meaning no manual adjustment. Another very useful feature of this camera is the ability to adjust settings to control the degree of movement required to activate the recording device.

Once you have narrowed down the features you require on your motion detector camera, be sure to take into account the warranties and servicing available for each product. If two cameras with the same features are radically different in price, it is possible that one offers a more comprehensive customer service and/or warranty.
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