Motion Sensor Alarm Buying Guide

With so many companies today competing for your home security business, it can become challenging choosing an effective motion sensor alarm for your home. The goal of this article is to serve as a buying guide for this kind of sensor, also known as a motion detector alarm, to make the consumer aware of what is available on today’s market.

A home security system is the mainline of defense when it comes to protecting your home from intruders. It is important that you understand this technology, to avoid investing in something that will not be effective for your circumstances.

Installation of Motion Sensor Alarms

Many alarm companies, to generate a profit will attempt to sell a low level security system to the homeowner. In most cases the basic alarm systems will only provide security to the entry areas of the dwelling. Many times the sales person that comes out to your home will pretend to throw in some window alarms for free just to get your business. They want you to believe that they truly have your best interest at heart.

Most doorway and window devices will only activate when the door or window has been opened which breaks the connection of the security device. A window device is rendered useless if the burglar breaks the window, while keeping the connection intact, and climbs inside. This is the way that many thieves circumvent security systems. This scenario can be prevented by simply adding motion sensors to your property’s security system. A motion sensor will detect movement in a particular area, and will activate your alarm immediately.

Motion Sensor AlarmBefore the development of this and related technologies, homeowners would buy guard dogs as a means to protect their property. This is no longer required thanks to the invention of motion senor alarms. Once you install an alarm you and your family can have peace of mind 24 hours a day, even when you are away from your home.

A Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm

In most cases a wireless motion sensor can be added to a preexisting security system to add another level of protection to your property. Wireless motion sensors can be added to entry way areas such as hallways and windows, as well as to the outdoor area. When a motion sensor is added outdoors it provides a warning of any approaching intruder; this also adds an extra level of security to your property. Often, an outdoor motion sensor alarm will be linked to a lighting system which will also be activated when the alarm is triggered. For an extra layer of security, a motion activated security camera system can be set up so recording commences when the sensor is triggered.

For those individuals who wish to have the protection of a guard dog without the maintenance that comes along with it, there is the X10 DK10U barking dog alarm & DM10E external motion sensor. This unit allows the homeowner to have the perceived protection of a guard dog without the dangers and responsibilities of actually owning one. This unit has a motion sensor that will generate a real life barking sound to deter any potential intruder.

PIR Motion Sensor Alarm

Many home or property owners who wish to protect a specific area such as a room or area that may contain firearms or sensitive materials will often use a PIR motion sensor alarm. PIR stands for Passive Infra Red, which is the type of motion sensor or signal that the device puts out.

The PIR can easily be mounted on a wall or used as a standing unit. When the alarm is activated it puts out a 130dB sound. The unit can be activated as well as deactivated by using a security code via the onboard keypad.

Combining with Cameras

Using this technology, you will also find a range of motion detector camera options that work in exactly the same way. They record only when motion is detected, reducing storage needs and the time taken to review footage.

A Few Things To Consider

It is strongly advised that you do your research before making a long term contractual agreement. You can easily begin your research by utilizing the Internet. The Internet allows you to research several devices along with their pros and cons within minutes. You can quickly determine the best motion detector unit to suit your needs as well as your budget.

The Criminal Mind

Statistics show that most criminals have a plan. Armed with that fact it stands to reason that the homeowner should also have a plan. By adding a security system to the home there are many benefits. The family has a sense of security knowing that they can sleep comfortably at night. The home owners can enjoy their time away from home without worrying about the dangers of intrusion, or even fire.

Some newer security systems will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your property from a mobile device. Another added benefit to adding a security system is the financial savings that one can receive on homeowners insurance. This alone can save hundreds of dollars yearly depending on the type of insurance that you currently have.

Further improvements to a home alarm system include,

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