Motion Sensor Lights

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Securing and protecting your home does not have to be an expensive process. Depending on the level of security you desire, it is possible to make your home safer and prevent burglaries simply by installing strategic lighting. For obvious reasons, well-lit homes are much less to likely to be targeted by vandals and burglars than those that are surrounded by dark shadows. Motion sensor lights are an ideal way of ensuring that all areas of your home will be illuminated when it matters, without wasting electricity.

As their name suggests, motion sensor lights are designed to activate when they detect movement within a given range. They can serve multiple purposes in and around a home. From a security perspective, the sudden illumination of a previously dark area can take wrongdoers by surprise, making them move on to find a less exposed target. In addition, installing motion sensor lighting in a poorly-lit driveway or pathway can make the area more secure for both passersby and residents at night. From a comfort perspective, the strategic placement of one or more such lights inside the home can mean no more fumbling around in the dark whilst looking for light switches.

The motion detecting light is an exceedingly popular innovation. As a result, consumers have dozens upon dozens of options to choose from. Finding the right light or lights for your purposes requires not only identifying your specific needs, but also knowing what is available. Some key points to consider include the size and nature of the area in need of illumination, the degree of light coverage desired, whether or not the light is to be wired into a larger system, and the unit’s overall appearance. The products listed below represent a broad range of features and styles. They are listed to help give readers an accurate perspective of their many options for indoor and outdoor motion detecting lights.

The SE Wireless Motion Sensor Light

This light is an inexpensive and multi-functional option that is popular for its low price and versatility. Extremely lightweight and compact (3 inches by 3 inches and 4.3 ounces), it features a mounting slot that facilitates installation virtually anywhere. Also facilitating this easy installation is the fact that it is wireless, meaning that it requires no complex wiring during set up.

Instead, the LED light works with 3 AA batteries which, according to the manufacturer, will last for several months before needing to be replaced. Although the manufacturer touts this light as appropriate for both indoors and out, it is most effective as an indoor motion sensor light, due to its design and range of coverage. Popular applications include dimly-lit closets and hallways. For outdoor wireless motion sensor light options, consider the following:

The Fulcrum 20031-101 LED Porch Light and the Dorcy 41-1071 LED Wireless Floodlight

Priced almost identically, these two wireless motion sensing products are popular and effective in various settings. The former has a contemporary look (silver with a brushed steel finish), can be used both indoors and out, and has a slightly lower range of coverage (detection up to 25 feet and 100 degrees).

The latter is more basic and functional in its appearance, but as its name suggests, offers floodlight coverage appropriate for driveways; it projects up to 350 square feet and has a detection angle of 180 degrees. Both lights have built-in features that prevent them from illuminating during the daytime, allowing their battery life (four C batteries and four 3D batteries, respectively) to be extended as long as possible.

The Heath Zenith SL-5512-BZ 300-Watt Quartz Halogen Motion-Sensing Twin Security Light

All of the motion detecting lights listed to date, have been battery-powered LED options. Although appropriate for many domestic settings, some individuals may find that they require more heavy-duty illumination. The Heath Zenith model listed above is only one of many wired outdoor motion sensor lights available. It features two 300 watt floodlights, which can be programmed to detect motion or to provide lower accent lighting for given periods of time.

Motion Sensor Lights

Heath Zenith Halogen Motion-Sensing Twin Security Light

This dual function makes the product ideal for multiple settings, including security lighting, but also for exterior accent lighting. As this system is wired, it requires a more complex set up than the previously listed options, most of which require no more than a few screws. The nature of its wiring, and also its construction (die cast metal and 3.4 pounds) make this a more permanent set up, able to withstand outdoor elements. In addition, the pulse-count technology that is built in to this product helps to prevent false activation due to wind, rain, and other outdoor elements.

Although the products listed above are all popular and appropriate in various settings, they are only a small representation of the great range of motion sensing lighting products available on today’s market. In addition to battery-powered and wired options, there also exist solar powered units, which are generally self-contained, and offer an alternative and sustainable power source.

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