The Best Sliding Patio Door Lock To Buy

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Yale Locks 8K119 Patio Lock White Finish

Easy push lock action, for single or double doors…

Prior to getting in to the discussion surrounding choosing the best patio lock door to buy, let us take a look at why a patio door lock assumes so much importance in the overall security of a house. Remember, the patio door is the location through which the likelihood of an intruder entering your home is one of the highest. There are various reasons as to why this door might be chosen.

A patio door is located generally at the back of a house and the chances of person being spotted entering is therefore relatively low. Furthermore, this is a door through which people frequently enter and is often carelessly left unlocked. Also quite frequently, it is often the case that the lock here is not the most secure, and it may also be loose or flawed in another way.

Patio door locks frequently face a challenge which no other locks have to face. The force exerted on the locking mechanism when opening a sliding door almost equals that of unlocking the door. This results in the lock having to go through high levels of pressure and tension which can result in damage. General locks, which come with the patio doors, can be made of materials that are brittle and soft and are prone to breaking under pressure. It is sometimes even the case that if you give a simple jerk, the lock pops right open. This type of setup is not in the least bit safe. In this situation, the ideal solution would be to find door locks that are designed to offer the greatest possibly security for your home and thus minimize your anxiety.

The Patio Sliding Door Lock

Sliding patio door locks are guardian locks that are attached to the back of sliding doors. These are designed in such a manner that you will not be able to pull the door open physically. Patio Door LockA dead bolt is inserted into the hole or the lock. Since it is an arrangement done on the inside, for unlocking, you need to be at home; unlocking is not possible from the outside. Style by Carden Exteriors suggests that this is the ideal form of patio door lock to buy.

There are several advantages with this form of a sliding patio door lock. Firstly, this offers the best form of security at night. When this lock is present, it hardly matters if the regular lock has been broken or is picked. The sliding door is physically held back from opening or moving. Intruders will not be able to open the door, for it needs effort from the inside.

Secondly, this is an ideal patio lock to buy as it also acts as a childproof door lock. The risk of a child unlocking the patio door and walking unsupervised into a swimming pool area for example located outside the patio door is minimized if you incorporate this sort of security measure. Only an adult will be able to unlock it, as the lock will be located at the door top, where a child will not be able to reach.

The best place to look for a sliding patio door lock is the Internet. There are several online stores that sell a large variety of these locks. You will be able to look into the items specifications and also compare the prices before you buy, right from the comfort of your home. At certain times, you might come across online suppliers providing special discounts on the items of your choice. WRHardware is one of the places where you will find patio sliding door locks of different types – mortise lock, thumb turn, internal lock, etc. Bulk discounts are available here too.

Safeslider is another company which specializes in sliding glass door locks that fit conveniently in the small space found between the inside of the door panel and the glass door frame. They produce quality locks, which will offer complete protection to your home and last almost a lifetime.

If you are looking for these door locks, which permit using of a key for locking and unlocking, there are plenty of options in the market. Alibaba as well as DoItBest has an exhaustive range of keyed patio door locks. The latter produces locks that have a key that operates with tamperproof screws. You are able to partially lock it, and keep it open to enable safe ventilation. The door locks resist prying and lifting of the sliding door in the locked position out of the track. These can be used both outside and inside, have aluminum finish, and are operated by lever or key.

Since your own home and family’s security is of utmost importance, do not compromise on the quality of locks you buy; rather take time to research, compare and then buy the best one that suits your requirement and also your budget.

How to Install a Patio Door Lock

A patio door security lock is quite easy to install. Since the lock will stay at the edge of the door where your door slides in the doorjamb, you have to place it on the spot it is to go and make a mark where it will hit on the sill. You have to drill through the metallic doorframe keeping the door closed. Match the bit with the lock bolt size; it must be a bit larger as compared to the bolt. Place the lock after opening the door at the spot where it was located earlier.

Make use of a tiny bit to drill holes for metal screws that will help to hold the lock with the door track. Lastly, the lock apparatus has to be screwed to the floor. After closing the door, check that the bolt slides smoothly across the hole for keeping the door locked.

An important tip: If you have a patio door security lock that needs a key, it would make sense to keep that key close to the lock, but concealed from external view. In case of emergency when you require getting out of the house in haste, you will not have to run everywhere looking for the key, but will be able to make your exit quickly, and without having to break the glass.

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  1. Geoff Dixon says:

    please advise if there is a lock that can be fitted to a new sliding upvc patio door that can allow the door to be left secured in an open position leaving a 50mm ventilation gap.

    many thanks

    Geoff Dixon
    Clerk of Works

  2. Stefan says:

    You could try a ventilation lock which works on uPVC windows and doors. Era produce one.

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