Patio Door Locks Buying Guide

The home security industry has grown significantly over recent years, linked with a rise in home burglaries estimated to account for 75 percent of the nation’s non violent crime. While some homeowners are purchasing home security systems, both reporting and non-reporting, others are taking the more affordable route and purchasing enhanced security features for their windows and doors. Patio door locks are relatively easy to install with the right hardware. While your standard door will come with a lock, often this single-point lock can be forced open or lifted off of the tracks. An additional patio door lock will keep would-be intruders from entering your home and will keep not only your belongings safe, but your family as well.

Track Grips Sliding Patio Door Locks

One of the biggest issues with sliding patio doors is that they can be easily lifted off of their tracks with enough force. Track grips are patio sliding door locks that are tightened by a thumbscrew or key and use a metal stopper that straddles the track when secured. patio door locksWith these locks the lower track will be tightened and shifting is prevented and unmanageable. These locks work well with both residential doors and industrial doors and can offer doubled security when door glass is tempered or reinforced to prevent breakage.

Patio Door Bars

Patio door bars are seen as one of the most secure locking mechanisms available on the market today. While it is not the tradition form of lock, the bar will be fitted and screwed into the door jam and can swing into a resting place on the edge of the door when it needs to be locked into place. While it offers the maximum level of security possible, it can also be adjusted to allow you to leave your door partially open for fresh air flow through the home. Most security bars are universally fitted to be used with any type of standard hinged or sliding door. Look for durable bars on the market constructed of reinforced steel to ensure you are providing the highest level of security possible to your home.

Keyed Patio Door Locks

There are several keyed patio door security locks available on the market today. While each manufacturer offers a different quality lock, it is important to find models that are highly durable and built with random key compatibility. With both interior use and exterior use locks, these units attach near the track of the door and appear to be a small metal box with a key hole. With proper installation, they will prevent the door from being opened both inside and outside in locked position. Perfect for homeowners with children, the key prevents the little ones from getting out and the unwanted from coming in.

Patio Door Pins

Patio door pins are similar to the deadbolt lock for hinged doors and work just as well as to supplement a sliding door lock. Designed with a chain, bracket, hanger and retainer cap, their main purpose is to prevent a door from being slid when the pin is in place. While the construction of the pin kit will depend on the manufacturer, quality pins are made of steel and chains of nickel. The length of the chain can be adjusted to prevent the door from being slid depending on the make and model of your patio door. While these locking mechanisms are extremely affordable, they do not provide the highest level of security when used alone. If you are considering purchasing a patio door pin, use it in combination with a door bar or track grips for added protection.

The Guardian Lock

Not everyone’s idea of protection is focused on intruders. For homeowners with toddlers in the home, there could be bigger concerns of their little ones getting out. The Guardian sliding patio door lock is a way to childproof your sliding glass door and effectively secure patio doors on balconies or leading to the dreaded pool. While it was initially designed for childproofing purposes, it has now been recognized as one of the leading door locks that fight against prying and lifting. Seen as the most common forms of entry in sliding glass doors by burglars, this prevention will lower the chances of someone successfully entering your home when you are away or asleep.

Decades ago individuals could leave their doors unlocked at night or even open without the fear of anyone with foul intentions entering. In our current society, crimes are at an all time high. It is important for homeowners to protect their families and their hard-earned valuables by taking proactive measures to keep their doors and windows secure. Patio door locks and handles can be purchased on the Internet for an extremely discounted price, and will offer you the added protection you desire for very little cost. Research the available models and manufacturers and choose a lock to give you peace of mind.

As well as patio door locks, you may want to consider other security enhancements to your home including an appropriate garage door lock or a shed alarm system.

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