Top 3 Pistol Safe Brands

Responsible handgun and pistol owners know how important it is to have a reliable pistol safe. There are a huge variety of pistol safes out there; this article provides a summary of some of the best brands on the market that will not only to keep your guns safe, but also to keep them out of the hands of thieves and, equally importantly, children. Today’s technology can help you create a mini fortress around your guns. Take for example a biometric pistol safe that requires the correct fingerprint or even retina scan to allow access to the gun.

This is a far cry from a classic gun cabinet or case that might look nice but often would not afford a high level of security. However, some gun cabinets are available now with reinforced glass and a strong metal casing and locking mechanism.

Most commonly available as a fingerprint pistol safe, a good quality biometric safe may also be fireproof and waterproof and in some cases can include features such as voice activation. This type of pistol gun safe will store your fingerprint and will not unlock the bolt securing the safe if the fingerprint does not match exactly. This eliminates the need to keep keys or remember a combination except in the rare occasion the fingerprint feature malfunctions. Some safes allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the biometric scanner so you have the options of pressing your fingerprint on the device or swiping it across the scanner.

If you are a beginner to biometric safes, there are three particular ones you should look into. The first is the BioVault 2.0, a safe constructed with heavy-duty cast metal which uses proprietary fingerprint technology. It can authorize up to 50 fingerprints in its flash memory and does not need to be reprogrammed in the event of a power outage. The BioVault 2.0 takes less than a second to recognize a fingerprint and has soft spring-loaded doors for low profile access. This vault costs less than $400 and can be mounted on a wall or other surface.

Pistol SafeThe Biobox Fingerprint Inprint Biometric Safe costs less than the BioVault 2.0 and does not have as many features as the aforementioned. Similarly though, it is made of heavy-duty metal and recognizes fingerprints in less than a second. However, this safe only stores six authorized fingerprints and is powered with four AA-cell batteries, but keeps the authorized prints programmed with a flash memory even as the batteries are changed. It includes high security backup keys, comes with a security cable and provides more than 1000 openings per battery life cycle. Unlike the BioVault, it does not have a spring-loaded lid so access is very slightly slower. The cost is well under $300.

SafeCase’s LS-SC1000 Heavy Duty Biometric Gun Safe is similar to both the Biobox and the BioVault in that it reads prints in less than a second and is constructed of steel. It also has a security cable to prevent theft, a key override and the capability to run on four AA-cell batteries that lasts for more than 1000 openings. The scanner on this device can read through dirt and oil and stores up to 30 authorized prints. Like the Biobox, the programmed information is not lost when the batteries die or are changed. The SafeCase is the least expensive of these three vaults at just a little more than $200.

These three vaults have the primary features that are desirable in a pistol safe with biometric capabilities. Furthermore, they also have memory foam in their compact designs to prevent damage to the gun during travel. These vaults can also be used to store other valuables such as jewelry, data, coins and collectibles as well as other gun accessories such as ammunition or clips. Your choice of safe may come down to price since so good quality brands like those above have many of the same features to varying degrees. However you make your decision, you can rest assured that you have a safe space to store your pistol or handgun.

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