Preparation Pays Off

Safety First

As a parent, my children’s safety is of the upmost importance to me. Before my children were born, I took extra special attention to what safety precautions I wanted in my home. I baby proofed every room according to the safety needs of that room which included everything from outlet covers to cabinet locks.  Also, I thought of all of the safety concerns I could think of, including the latest and greatest car seat.

When my children were younger, these simple precautions saved them from numerous accidents such as: outlet covers from shock; Safety gates from falling down stairs; Cabinet locks from getting into bath products; and cleaning supplies. We had everything covered.

We taught them street safety too, such as “Never cross the street alone,” and “Always look before crossing.” Other things we taught them were to never talk to strangers, or get rides from strangers. We tried to cover every possible base when it came to the safety of our children.

When the Cats Away, the Mice Will Play

As children became older, they got into more mischief. Curious minds are hard to keep constantly busy. One day I came into my room where one of my children and a friend were playing. They weren’t allowed in my room without permission, and they hadn’t asked. I found them playing in my closet.  My heart leapt because that is where I keep my handgun, but I quickly remembered that my gun was safely tucked away in my biometric safe.

Along with any other safety precautions I had taken with my children, this one had paid off. I knew that when I purchased a handgun I would need to first buy a safe to store it in. I didn’t want my children ever playing with my gun. I thought the fingerprinting technology on the safe was pretty cool. This would ensure that my children could never access it.

No Such Thing as “Too Prepared”

I have always said that when it comes to children you can never be too safe with your safety precautions. I am just glad that no one got a hold of my gun. Too often we see children finding their parents’ weapons and injuring themselves or others. As I discovered in my situation, if you turn your back for one minute they can get their hands on anything. I am glad that I was prepared when it came to the safety of my gun.

By Chanelle Furner

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