Preparing for Disasters at Home

You know all of those things that people told you to do in case of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster? No, I’m not just talking the Stop-Drop-and-Roll type of information. I’m talking about the information like what you should do with your important documents to prevent them from being burned in the fire or ruined in a basement flood. Or what about all of those safety things people tell you to do after an earthquake? Yeah, you can tell it all to me now, but I’m pretty sure when you’re hiding under the table as the floor around you lurches, the last thing you’re thinking is “I need to go shut off the gas after the shaking stops”. Am I right? I know.

But thank goodness there are things that you can do right now to make dealing with the aftermath of any of these issues easier.

The first thing to do is prepare your home for any potential disasters.

  • Secure important documents in a fire-proof safe. These safes have a lot of special features that make them nearly impenetrable
  • Always check the status of gas lines, pipelines and power lines in and around your home
  • Be sure to anchor heavy furniture to the walls in the event of an earthquake
  • Keep all appliances such as water heaters and swamp coolers up to date and up to code
  • Maintain your home’s exterior. Be sure to keep gutters clean, make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed, and make sure access to all water/gas lines is easily accessible
  • Regularly “spring clean” your home. Make sure pipes didn’t freeze or break during the winter. Get on the roof and be sure to get all of the leaves/mud/dirt that’s been sitting on the roof all winter off. Invest in regular drain cleaning and other maintenance services
  • Be sure to have Home Owners’ Insurance – the cost of paying the insurance company will be far less than the cost of repairing damages caused by a disaster
  • Make sure to regularly take pictures of your home’s exterior and interior. Insurance companies will need to have pictures and evidence of the condition of your home prior to the disaster

Hopefully these tips help, but there’s always a possibility of a disaster somehow affecting your home. Be prepared, but also know where to go in case of a disaster.  Local Disaster Cleanup companies can be found online, and some will work directly with your Insurance Company to provide a quick, efficient cleanup.

By Ginger Price

Ginger Price writes semi-interesting, semi-informational Home and DIY articles and works closely with UTDK to provide information on home maintenance and security.

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