Prestige Car Alarm System Product Guide

Car alarms are an affordable form of passive security protection that will act as a theft deterrent in the event that a car thief attempts to steal your car. While they as seen as a great form of crime prevention and they have been responsible for reducing the number of vehicle thefts across the nation, choosing one specific model can be a daunting task. With a massive variety of car alarm manufacturers, and units with an array of different features, narrowing down your choice without the right assistance and advice can be overwhelming. Prestige car alarms have become increasingly popular in the vehicle safety and security industry, with a variety of different models offering a huge range of features geared to auto protection. If you are searching for a Prestige car alarm, browse the specifications of each unit here and choose the one that is best for your purpose and your wallet.

The Versatility of a Prestige Car Alarm System

While Prestige is a recognized name in vehicle security products, they are often referred to as Audiovox products. The Prestige APS 101 Two-Way Remote Car Alarm is a versatile system that offers owners both passive and active arming depending on the owner’s preference. With selectable passive and active door locks (the owner can lock the doors to prevent entry but if someone does get in, another locking system can be automatically activated so the interior door handles will not open the door, trapping the individual), output pulse siren, ignition control, and negative trigger input, you can stop a car thief right in their tracks with a plethora of convenience features.

Prestige Car AlarmThe APS 101 has multi-level dual stage shock sensors and a three-channel code learning receiver for your 2-button transmitters. With a single-tone siren and a light flash relay to warn intruders to go elsewhere, this Audiovox creation has been a pleasing to many vehicle owners who take pride in their beloved automobile. Selling at a very affordable price online, this Prestige car alarm is Audiovox’s value model and can be afforded by practically anyone who owns a vehicle.

Prestige APS-787A Remote Start and Alarm

While the basic value model is practical for many, the Prestige Car Alarm Remote Start system offers enhanced features and even gets your car warm or cool on a cold or warm day respectively. With several different features including keyless entry for vehicles who do not have that feature stock, a remote transmission for safety and convenience, and a starter feature that is capable of revving your engine from up to a 1000-foot range, this Prestige system is perfect for both security and comfort. This easy to install product also comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty which indicates it is made from some of the best materials and durable technology.

The Top End Prestige Remote Start and Alarm System

While the APS-787A is the entry-level remote start alarm available from Prestige Audiovox, they have higher grade models with enhanced features as well. The Prestige XRO9100 2 Way 1 Mile Car Remote Start with Alarm is one of Prestige’s premier products and offers more then meets the eye. With a single one-way remote and a two-way remote control with side switch, users can control up to 4 different vehicles with this one system and install up to six programmable learning codes. With remote panic options available on all cars anytime of day, and additional engine immobilizer output to restrict a vehicle from movement during a theft attempt, this multiple vehicle system is great for vehicle owners with a fleet who would find it hard to otherwise monitor their vehicles at all times.

With both passive and active monitoring features similar to the basic alarm, this 2-way remote start system can give you access to locking and starting your car from up to 1-mile away. No longer walk down the long driveway in the cold to be greeted to a cold car, invest in a remote start system and start your winter morning with a warm commute from the off.

Where to Purchase Prestige Alarms

Prestige alarms can be purchase directly from Audiovox however consumers on a budget will appreciate the lower costs associated with buying through vendors online. With a number of different sources selling every manufacturer and model imaginable in the automotive industry, your options are not limited in any way when buying online. Always consider the reputation of the seller before trusting your money with someone who might be selling faulty products; make a wise purchase by comparing the costs from different sources and consumer reviews.

Remote security monitoring car alarms have become increasingly necessary in the recent years. With more and more criminals searching the public roads and parking lots for a vehicle they can easily “kidnap”, it is necessary to take proactive steps to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure no matter where it is parked. With ever changing technology, an alarm system will act as a theft deterrent; why not invest in one with engine immobilizing technology and sirens to ensure your car is not stolen even if the deterrent element fails.

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