Protect Your Valuables With A Security Safe

The fact of the matter is that most people that live in an urban or sub-urban area will be targeted for robbery at some point in their life. This does not mean the would be robber will actually manage to get inside your house and steal anything but it does mean that someone will seriously consider stealing from any given home. While many items are too large to secure in any simple manner many small important items like private documents or petty cash can be secured readily inside a security safe.

Safes are designed to secure. Regular safes on the market may or may not be capable of handling this task. The two primary uses for a safe are protection from fire damage and protection from theft. The first type of safe category is designed to be fire and water resistant. These are used in case of fires, excessive external temperatures, and to prevent easy access by someone other than the owner. The second type is primarily designed to prevent thievery.

Security safes come in a wide variety of models, designs, and capacity. Certain items deemed worthy of storage will require a specific type of safe. Computer files, paperwork, anything that can be affected by changing or high temperature will be best secured inside a fireproof security safe. Other items such as sensitive documents or high value items might require a heavy high security safe. Ideally any security safe purchased should be cable of being bolted to the floor and will weigh at least six hundred pounds to prevent easy theft of the safe and its contents in its entirety.

Security SafeHigh security safes are also commonly known as burglary resistant or anti-theft safes. Many safes on the market are only designed to secure sensitive or easily lost items and will not necessarily prevent theft. These safes might be small or light weight enough for a robber to simply take it and go. The locking mechanism might be fine for keeping wandering children away from its contents but an aggressive criminal might simply destroy the locking mechanism. A safe designed to resist theft and tampering will be much harder to open even if the locking mechanism is damaged thus keeping the valuables secure.

There are many types of items that should be kept in a home security safe. Important documents such as passports, birth records and similar will be readily protected in such a secure location. Keeping records for insurance, utilities and the previously mentioned types in a shoe box or manila folder in a drawer might seem like a reasonable alternative until your home is damaged in a fire or destroyed in a storm. While there is nothing that can be done for the home save for rebuilding or renovating it at least your important documents will have been spared inside a proper safe.

One of the best uses of a safe is for gun storage. Wall locker style safes, such as American Security safes, are perfect for storing any type of firearm from rifle and shotgun to handguns. Identifying a purpose built rifle safe or pistol safe, often with biometric access, is a another highly secure alternative. This is a far more preferable method of securing these types of weapons due to the fact that no wandering child or typical thief will be able to break in and steal those valuable and potentially deadly weapons. A gun rack with a lock on it can be broken relatively easy. There is no reason for a tragedy in a home with both firearms and children when a gun safe is used.

Home security safes are a secure location to store valuable or dangerous items. There are many alternatives to using such a security device but none of them are equal in capacity to them. Paperwork can be damaged, valuables can be stolen, and firearms can be used to cause tragedy in the home. A properly used safe will prevent most of this from occurring.

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