Protecting the Home from Mold

Residences of Raleigh, NC, are not strangers to the presence of mold growth in the home. The humid climate of the region fosters mold growth that other areas of the country do not have to deal with.

But the trouble area in the home where mold growth thrives is generally similar throughout the nation. The bathroom, with its regular hot showers and frequent sink use, is often the number one place in any home that sees the most mold growth.

Removing mold growth and mold spores from the home becomes a priority for Raleigh homeowners when they consider the health effects associated with mold in the home. The people with the greatest risk of health issues arising from mold growth in the home are those people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory concerns.

Additionally, health concerns connected with mold growth, namely repertory infections and complications, can affect those individuals with immune system deficiencies as well as young children and senior citizens. Because of the dangers of health complications arising from mold growth in the home, many homeowners in Raleigh, North Carolina, wish to protect their homes from mold growth.

The first step in protecting one’s home from excessive mold growth is to make sure your home is safely protected from water intrusion. This means keeping your roof in tip-top shape, and starts with a call to a reputable company. In the unfortunate event that you’ve already gotten water intrusion into your house it is important to learn how to recognize and identify when mold growth is present in the home. The two main senses that will aid in identifying a mold growth issue in the home will be one’s sight and smell.

Mold can be seen growing on the walls, shower curtains, and floor boards of the home if the homeowner knows what to look for. Discolorations in the drywall of the home or dark spotty patterns along shower curtains or walls will be a good indication to a homeowner that there is a mold growth problem in the home.

The musky smell that mold can produce is another tip to Raleigh homeowners that mold growth is present. Mold spores will have a musty, dull, and earthy smell that can be easily identified after one knows what smell to be aware of.

After the mold growth has been identified the homeowner can begin to remove the mold from their home by cleaning the affected area. Mold can be cleaned from surfaces by using a diluted bleach and water solution and then wiping the molded area until clean.

In more dramatic cases where large mold growth is occurring on the inside of a wall, the drywall may need be removed and replaced in order to remove the mold from the home. It is important for a Raleigh homeowner to remember also that simply cleaning up the mold will not solve the problem; whatever is causing the mold growth must be fixed as well.

A leaking water pipe in the wall, for example, will need to be replaced before the mold growth in the home can be truly fixed. Consistent cleaning of walls and surfaces of the home will likewise reduce the likelihood of continued mold growth, even in the humid environment of Raleigh.

Raleigh mold removal can also be done by professional mold remediation experts who will restore mold damaged items and structures of the home with skill and precision. Raleigh mold removal can be a simple task for homeowners but will benefit those within the home greatly.

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