PTZ Security Camera Systems

There are a number of benefits in considering a PTZ security camera for your home or commercial security needs. These pan, tilt and zoom cameras differ from conventional dome cameras since they can observe more than one fixed position. PTZ security cameras can provide surveillance during the day or night and have the ability to move in a variety of ways as the name suggests. You can pan, tilt and zoom from a remote surveillance position.

PTZ security camera systems can also be set up to be very non intrusive, which is a great asset for a company that does not want to drive away potential clients or offend trustworthy employees. For instance, you can consider a PTZ speed dome camera that looks no different from a light but provides many security needs. For instance, it may include image sensors and an iris with auto and manual capabilities. The focus can also be adjusted automatically or manually to support its zooming capabilities among other features. Many of these cameras are also high-resolution designs so that you can get a very clear picture of whom or what is around your property. Furthermore, and although it’s wise to check, many of these cameras tend to be weather resistant, so you do not have to worry about rain, sun or wind damage ruining your investment. However, you can further protect your camera with weatherproof housing made for outdoor and even indoor use.

Like other cameras, they can be controlled with a special camera controller, a computer DVR or surveillance DVR. You can even find cameras that are compatible with your iPhone. Not only do you receive a live video feed to your home or business, but you can also use the iPhone to control the camera with 3GPP mobile surveillance. You can also control the pan, tilt and zoom functions through Internet Explorer or a wireless remote control. You get real time MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression and simultaneous dual streams and an optical lens with zooming capabilities. Make sure you check though what type of network camera software is compatible with the iPhone compatible cameras.

PTZ Security CameraA wireless PTZ security camera may not have the convenience of iPhone compatibility, but you can still get the best of wireless technology. You get functions such as motion detection and programmable features in case you want to sweep a certain area during a certain time frame as well as the convenience of remote surveillance and control. Some wireless cameras support power over Ethernet. However, you may need a PoE injector or splitter for this to work. In addition, you can link a PTZ security camera to your closed circuit television (CCTV) system so that you can maintain the ability to record and take a second look at your surveillance footage. Since many of these cameras capture color images, you can look at true to life images of your home or business property as well as anyone who you might want to identify for whatever reason. That said, they will give you color images during the day, but will switch to black and white images for night surveillance. Unless a standard light is used in conjunction with a camera at night, there is still no way of recording a night scene in color.

Many of these cameras are wall mounted or can be suspended from the ceiling as well as placed in a freestanding position as suits your preferences. You can get a pendant or recessed mounts to facilitate the former options. However, a PTZ security camera still has the option of being smoked like a regular domed camera, so those who encounter it may not realize they are being watched. Some cameras will also use infrared LED technology. In fact, these cameras are among the richest in features of all surveillance cameras. You can also choose from a variety of configurations, so you can come very close to customizing your camera to fit your needs.

There are many familiar camera and security brands that feature these cameras. For instance, you can look at Canon, Samsung and VivoTek among others if you are looking for a brand name in security cameras. You can also look at the various security companies to see what types of cameras they recommend. You may also want to get a professional opinion on the type of controller you will need since you can get anything from a joystick to a keypad controller or most likely a combination of the two. You may also want to consider if you need to outsource your security needs, contracting in alarm or security monitoring and surveillance services, especially if your Internet or wireless capabilities are limited. However, you may decide you want to retain the control over your security and keep it an in-house function.

With PTZ functionality, a domed camera can now do more than observe one space at a time. The pan, tilt and zoom models have made it possible to observe so much more and they even give you features such as auto-flip so that you are never looking at an upside down image even when someone or something walks directly under the camera. Technology is constantly improving and has brought us these very advanced cameras to provide great protection for your home or business.

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  1. Although PTZ CCTV cameras are great for monitored CCTV systems, they don’t show their full potential in many small businesses. This is due to no one being available to view the live footage and move the camera around.
    They are also dear in cost compared to static CCTV cameras.

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