PTZ Security Cameras: Product Guide

Pan, tilt, zoom security cameras, often referred to as PTZ security cameras, have become a popular tool used in keeping home and commercial environments safe and secure against intruders. Classified as a closed-circuit television camera, or a CCTV, this technologically advanced security device has a number of features including remote directional and zoom control. Depending on the quality of the PTZ security camera, these specific surveillance systems can be used to monitor both visual and audio aspects of a residential or business application. With different qualities and clarity of resolution, range of motion, video output capabilities, and daytime and nighttime recording features (that come with PTZ infrared security cameras), this kind of CCTV kit can be a valuable investment and deter and prevent theft and vandalism on your property. Knowing the types of products available from various manufacturers will assist you in making a much-appreciated investment.

Color PTZ Security Camera Systems

While PTZ security cameras come in both black and white and color outputs, many individuals prefer the higher quality picture offered by color units. When investing in a color recording camera, you will expect to pay more, however the investment is well worth it due to the fact that intruders are more easily identifiable and recordings are more accepted by police departments and courts. When searching the market for a color PTZ camera system designed to provide security, you will want to compare a number of different models for price, features, style and quality. The features of each model will entirely depend on the manufacturer.

With regards to picture quality, you will want a lens that has a high-quality resolution so that imagery is clear and can be deciphered easily. The higher the pixels in the camera and the resolution, the better imagery the system will provide on a monitoring screen or computer. You will also want to pay attention to the zoom features of each PTZ security camera. While the standard zoom feature will have a zoom capability of 10x to 12x, more technologically advanced units will offer up to 36x. The higher the zoom capability, the more detail you can view when zoom-in features are used.

PTZ Security CamerasRange of motion is perhaps the most important feature in PTZ security cameras. Because most individuals or business owners invest in a camera with panning and tilting capabilities to maximize their viewing platform, the directional capabilities of each model must be reviewed. While it might be expected that each of these surveillance cameras will have directional control to provide a full panning and tilting function, some models do not. Find models with 360 degree panning capabilities and 90-degree tilting features to ensure you will be able to monitor a large area from every angle.

Dome PTZ Security Cameras

Color cameras can be hidden or protected by what is referred to in the security industry as a dome. While the type of camera installed under the dome will depend entirely on the users preference and budget, the purpose of the dome is the same for each owner. A dome is a smoked out protection or cover that will protect the camera from damage against weather elements and intruder threats. Because these domes secure the camera, you are taking a proactive step to ensure all video feed is recorded in the event of a robbery or break-in. Also, they benefit in not indicating from the outside which direction the camera is pointing, giving the perception of all round monitoring at all times. When finding domes, it is important to ensure that the dome is compatible with your camera and is strong and durable. Some domes and cameras come in a combination package or can be purchased as a single unit.

Wireless PTZ Security Cameras

Just as with other types of surveillance camera, you have the option of purchasing a wired or wireless camera system. The main benefit of wireless is ease of installation, especially if the cameras are to be placed in inaccessible or remote locations. There are some issues around the recording device receiving a consistently good and continuous signal but providing the coverage as indicated in the product specification is sufficient for your needs, this should not be an issue with a good quality system.

Where to Purchase PTZ Security Cameras

While there will be a number of local security camera providers within your area specializing in residential and industrial security cameras and accessories, consumers can shop online for discounted pricing and to access a wider selection of products. When shopping for PTZ cameras online it is important for consumers to review the product specifications, the ratings of each manufacturer, consumer reviews, and pricing from numerous sources to guarantee they are receiving the right pricing and quality. Also search for models that offer warranties and product support directly from the manufacturer in the event there is a malfunction. These products will give you the most for your money and will prevent additional unnecessary out of pocket costs. Security Cameras Direct stock a wide range of CCTV kit online and are a great place to start your search.

With the recent increase in retail burglaries and home invasions, more and more business owners and homeowners are taking proactive measures to ensure their belongings, merchandise, employees and family are safe. While it is sad that individuals must go to lengthy measures to ensure their valuables are protected, the fact of the matter is in today’s society it is necessary. Browse the pan, tilt, zoom devices on the market today and find a device that will fit your budget and provide you with added security. While cameras are a theft deterrent product, no camera can guarantee crime prevention. By taking the right measures you will decrease the risk significantly however.

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